‘Alaskan Bush People’ Season 7 Episode 1: ‘One For All’ And What’s In Store This Season

Alaskan Bush People Season 7 begins this week with all-new episodes. The show teases of some dark times the family is about to face, including the prospect of leaving Alaska. Here’s the synopsis of Alaskan Bush People Season 7 Episode 1:

“The Browns continue to work hard and tirelessly to gather food, secure resources and build everything from scratch in their pursuit of self-sustaining town and being more isolated and independent than ever before.”

The show would continue to follow the Brown family as they still try to go on with their bush life in the Alaskan wilderness as if everything is normal. But after the first few episodes, there was a turn of events that would change their plans. In the preview clip for Alaskan Bush People Season 7, Billy Brown, the patriarch, can be heard saying that everything has changed. He then confirmed that his wife Ami is sick. He also sounded like it’s been decided when he said, “We’re gonna have to leave Alaska.”

What goes down in ABP this season

Since the surprise inclusion of Alaskan Bush People coming back on television just a short while after Season 6 finished airing, there have been a lot of rumors about the Brown family and speculations about what the new season would be about.

First, there were words that Ami has been diagnosed with cancer. She reportedly has lung cancer that is at its late stage, as the Inquisitr previously learned from a Facebook page called Alaskan Bush People Exposed. There is no official confirmation from the Brown family or the Discovery Channel regarding the nature of Ami’s sickness. But if the cancer rumors turned out to be true, it would be no wonder the production for Season 7 has been pushed early. The Browns had filmed a “Farewell to Browntown” episode, and some of the family members are reportedly in Los Angeles now, where Ami is receiving treatment.

And then there’s Matt’s accident in Browntown involving his fridge where he put a mason jar with some explosives. TMZ reported that Matt ended up with nine staples in the head. Although the incident happened while the show is not filming, fans might be able to get some details about it in the latter part of Alaskan Bush People Season 7. Matt’s accident occurred towards the end of Season 7’s production and he was not allowed to return to film after getting injured.

Matt just recently sent his message to his fans to give them update about his current condition. He said, via the Alaskan Bush People official page:

“Thank you to everyone for your well wishes following my recent accident. I am doing well and recovering with my family. This year has been tough for us but your positive thoughts mean so much and keep us hopeful. Thank you again.”

On a lighter note, the youngest Brown son, Noah, is reportedly preparing to get married with girlfriend Rhain. A Facebook page, Matt Brown fã page, shared some photos of the couple as they pose smiling to the camera while holding some sort of wedding organizer.

It can be recalled that in the finale episode of Alaskan Bush People Season 6, Noah and Rhain were already talking about long-term plans, including the possibility of Rhain living in Browntown. At the very least, their engagement might be featured in the upcoming season since the wedding planning photos emerged after the news that the production had already wrapped up in Alaska.

Fans would hopefully get some answers when the show kicks off on Wednesday, June 14, at 9 p.m. on the Discovery Channel. Here’s the preview clip of Alaskan Bush People Season 7.

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]