‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Claire Furious About Sex Tape Leak, Chad Rescues Abigail From Engagement

Shocking news awaits those in love in this week’s Days of Our Lives. Spoilers reveal that Theo and Claire’s sex tape will be revealed to family, and when Chad returns from being stranded on the island he will be shocked to learn of Abigail’s engagement. Why is Chad so shocked to hear about Abigail moving on with her life when he made love to Gabi only days ago? And will Jade confess that she is behind the lurid sex tape, or will the family members believe Claire when she tells them that she did not even know that the tape was being made?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Claire And Theo’s Sex Tape Rocks Family Ties

Claire and Theo rocked the bed springs when they made steamy, passionate love at the Salem Inn. Little did they know that they were secretly being recorded by Jade and that the tape would land in the hands of their family members. The only thing that is rocking now would be shaky family bonds as loyalties are divided and secrets exposed. Will Claire and Theo ever be able to make it out of this scandal with their heads held high?

Things start falling apart for the couple when Hope and Abe discover the sex tape while busy on Theo’s laptop, according to the latest spoilers. Days of Our Lives fans know that Jade made the secret sex tape because she is convinced that leaking it could kick start Claire’s music career.

Hope will be scandalized when she sees her granddaughter in bed with Abe’s son. Days of Our Lives spoilers state that she will give Claire a lecture about the sex tape. Hope will feel especially responsible since Claire’s parents Shawn and Belle are in Hong Kong and knows that she should be looking out for her granddaughter.

Days of Our Lives spoilers also tease that Abe will also be upset by Claire and Theo’s sextrallicular activities. Of course, Abe will feel that Claire took advantage of his son and forced him into making the sex tape. Days of Our Lives fans know that Abe is very protective of Theo because he is on the high-end of the autism spectrum. In fact, spoilers indicate that straight-laced Theo will also be shocked that the sex tape exists at all.

Longtime police detectives Hope Brady and Abe Carver will assess the situation. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that they will quickly determine Theo’s innocence, which will lead them to suspect Claire of doing the dirty. Claire will protest her innocence and tell them that Jade is the one who planted a video recorder in the hotel room without her or Theo’s knowledge.

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According to NBC’s Days of Our Lives official Twitter feed, Claire was livid when she found out about the sex tape. Now Claire will be furious because she thought she had got rid of the tape by forcing Jade to delete the tape. Now Claire has to defend herself against Hope and Abe. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Hope and Abe do accept Claire’s explanation because Jade’s reputation as a troublemaker has well been established in the sleepy town of Salem.

However, that doesn’t mean that Claire and Theo are off the hook either, according to the spoilers. Days of Our Lives viewers will see Hope and Abe lecturing the lovebirds about the risks of sex and they will make certain that Theo and Claire are using protection. Of course, Claire and Theo will reassure Hope and Abe that they are aware of the risks and that they are careful.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that the drama won’t end once Hope and Abe leave the loft. Theo will demand some answers even though this was one of Jade’s schemes. Will Theo ever be able to trust Claire again?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Will Chad Rescue Abigail From Her Engagement?

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A weary Chad returns home after being stranded on the island to the news that Abigail is engaged, and Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that he is not happy about it at all. What Chad doesn’t know is that the engagement is fake because Dario has told Abigail that he is at risk of being deported. Instead of filing some paperwork to prevent himself from being deported, Dario has decided that he would rather kill two birds with one stone: marry the woman he loves, and stay in the country.

Jennifer knows the real reason behind why Abigail and Dario want to get married, but it important that nobody else knows so that they can keep up the front for immigration officials not to get wind of their scheme. According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, Dario will push Abigail to get a quickie divorce rather than wait for her divorce to come through at the normal pace. Abigail will feel uncomfortable at the quick pace that things are progressing but will also want Dario to remain in the country.

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Chad will try to make peace with Abigail getting married so quickly, forgetting that he had just made love to Gabi. He will try to co-parent with Abigail but in his heart of hearts, he knows that they are soul mates and he wants them back together again.

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At the same time, Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Chad isn’t the only one struggling with the shift in their relationship. Even though Abigail walked out of her marriage to give Chad and Gabi a chance, it doesn’t mean that she’s ready to see them openly affectionate to each other. Spoilers reveal that she will be devastated and hurt at how close they are.

However, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Chad will believe that the engagement stems out of love but he will get wind that something isn’t quite right with Abigail and Dario. Chad will dig a little deeper and act on his suspicions before it is too late. Hopefully, he will be able to get to the bottom of the mystery before they tie the knot.

Days of Our Lives spoilers also reveal that it’s only a matter of time before Chabby reunites again, and Abigail and Chad find their way back to each other’s arms!

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