Tiny Harris Pregnancy Scare: T.I. Cheating On Bernice Burgos With Estranged Wife?

Tiny Harris is rumored to be pregnant with T.I.’s baby, just seven months after the singer famously filed for divorce from her estranged husband.

Multiple reports are claiming that Tiny Harris and T.I. have remained on good terms in recent months, despite the fact that the 41-year-old Xscape singer has made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t respect the relationship her soon-to-be ex-husband shares with Bernice.

Sources allege that Tiny is somewhat blaming the Instagram model for the downfall of her marriage with T.I. She’s livid that the “Live Your Life” hitmaker would even continue seeing the woman that ruined their relationship, but from what’s been gathered, she’s managed to look past it for the sake of their kids.

But now it’s being said that Tiny’s friendliness towards T.I. ended up resulting in the duo hooking up with one another, and now there’s speculation on whether or not Harris could potentially be pregnant again.

The timing couldn’t be worse. Firstly, Tiny Harris and T.I. have made it known that they are happier being apart from one another, and secondly, the rapper has since moved on with Bernice, evidently meaning that T.I. has cheated on his girlfriend.

According to Hollywood Life, Bernice Burgos is well aware of the rumors concerning her boyfriend’s supposed get-together with Tiny that has now left the duo wondering whether they are having another baby or not.

“Bernice [Burgos] is confused and worried that Tiny could be pregnant,” a source notes, making it known that the model is far from happy about the shock news, mainly because she was under the impression Tiny Harris was a thing of the past.

While Bernice understands and respects the fact that Tiny is still the mother to T.I.’s children, she can’t comprehend why the 36-year-old has found the need to try and be the best of friends with the woman he once said was the love of his life.

Knowing that there could be a chance that Tiny Harris is pregnant yet again would ultimately be a slap in the face for Burgos, who has trusted T.I. enough not to mistreat her and suddenly return to the mother of his children, who could potentially be expecting yet another baby from the rapper.

“Bernice can’t understand how that could even be possible. TI made it clear to Bernice that things were done between he and Tiny and that they were no longer intimate.”

Insiders stress that if rumors concerning Tiny Harris’ potential pregnancy are true, there’s no doubt that Bernice will ditch T.I. and move on with her life, with one source gushing how a handful of rappers have been trying to get with her, so it’s not like T.I. is her only option.

It goes without saying that the twosome has been dating since January, and while sources claimed that their romance was blossoming, Bernice was annoyed to know that T.I. and Tiny Harris were in contact with each other more than she would have liked, Bossip reports.

It was even mentioned last month that the Instagram model feared to lose her boyfriend to Tiny Harris because of the fact that the on-again, off-again couple has broken up and gotten back together on multiple occasions in the past. It’s just that this has been their longest time apart from one another — but Bernice never doubted the chances of a reconciliation between the duo.

Do you think Tiny Harris could potentially be pregnant with another baby from the rapper, and what do you think this mean for Bernice’s future with the rapper?

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