Taylor Swift: Katy Perry Using Rivalry To Sell ‘Witness’ Albums — ‘Bad Blood’ Feud Worsens

Taylor Swift is sick and tired of being mentioned in Katy Perry’s interviews, it’s been claimed, so much that the “Shake It Off” singer is urging her industry rival to move on with her life.

The twosome’s feud erupted four years ago when Taylor found out her backup dancers had plans to ditch an upcoming tour to work with Katy instead. Taylor Swift was furious because she had already been rehearsing for the tour and was subsequently left to find new dancers for the upcoming shows.

The 27-year-old hasn’t seen eye-to-eye with Perry since then, having penned her hit record “Bad Blood” about the drama between her and Katy, in which she goes on to explain that though they used to be good friends, being backstabbed by a pal is the worst feeling one can imagine.

Taylor Swift has made it perfectly clear that she has no plans on making up with Katy, but with that said, she also didn’t have any reason to continue the public feud, Daily Mail reveals. Instead, she would just avoid the “Chained To The Rhythm” star whenever she could.

But now that Katy is out promoting her new album Witness, Taylor Swift is annoyed by the supposed fact that Perry is using their feud as a way to sell more records, despite the fact that the former country singer hasn’t discussed her issues with Katy in well over two years.

It seems rather obvious for Taylor Swift, who is in the midst of recording an album, to come to the conclusion that Katy is only bringing up her rivalry with the songstress because she wants to gain as much publicity as possible for the new record she has just put out, and quite frankly, Taylor thinks it’s pathetic.

“Taylor is focused on all the good things in her life, spending time with her mom and her family and her new relationship,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “She’s very caught up with Joe and super happy about where things are at with him right now. She’s not thinking about Katy and something that happened five years ago, she’s moved on and she wishes Katy would too.”

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“It’s like, why is Katy bringing this up again, they’ve both said their piece why not just let it go. It really seems like Katy is purposely trying to keep this feud going to sell albums. She’s starting to look very petty and Taylor doesn’t want to sink down to that level, she wants nothing but love and positivity in her life right now. It’s sad that Katy isn’t in that place, in a way Taylor feels sorry for her.”

Taylor Swift is annoyed by Katy’s intentions to keep on bringing up her name in recent interviews, but as the source already mentions, the “Style” hitmaker is focusing her attention on finishing up her own album.

It’s unclear whether Taylor has another diss record aimed at Perry on the new project she plans to release later this year, but given her impression to Katy’s decision to continue talking about their feud in public, it would seem as if Swift has moved on and would want the 32-year-old to do the same.

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Recent reports claimed that Taylor Swift is in the final stages of finishing up the new record, having spent most of her time in Nashville recording and writing the new tracks. A release date has yet to be confirmed by her record label, but insiders reveal that Taylor is looking to have new music out in the next couple of months.

What do you make of Taylor Swift’s reaction to Katy still talking about their rivalry?

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