OnePlus 5 Specs, Design, Release Date, And Everything Confirmed So Far

Another top Android competitor is coming in a matter of days and yet almost all of its specs and design have already been confirmed. OnePlus is not one to keep secrets as evident by every OnePlus 5 detail that already made its way out to the internet. Here’s everything known so far.

OnePlus 5 Design

OnePlus 5 has taken a page or two from Apple’s book of design. The Chinese company recently teased the rear of the phone in its social media account, showing only the top half. The company probably meant to show off its dual cameras, but all fans saw is an iPhone 7 Plus clone.

The form, color, camera, and antenna lines all look familiar to the mobile industry. With slight, almost unnoticeable tweaks to the iPhone 7 Plus’ design, you get the OnePlus 5. How OnePlus will differentiate its premium phone from a cheap knock-off is a riddle.

There is something to get excited about, though, and that is the dual-camera system. The official confirmation from OnePlus has put rumors to rest and fans could not be any happier. This feature has been heavily rumored in the past with positive reactions, so the official validation of the leaks is much welcome.

However, there are still some elements that are unknown. The front side of the OnePlus 5 is still hidden. It could sport a bezel-less display and most possibly a home button with the embedded fingerprint scanner.

OnePlus 5 Specs

Coming from OnePlus itself is the fact that its next flagship will house a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The RAM was unannounced at the time, but the recent listing of the smartphone in Geekbench reveals that the OnePlus 5 has a whopping 8 GB memory.

GSM Arena noted that notorious tipster Evan Blass first discovered this information in the OnePlus 5 page on Amazon India. Digging through the source code revealed that the phone will indeed have 8 GB RAM.

Apart from these core specs, the others that are unknown yet are not as important. What is still intriguing, though, is the battery life and the storage options. These can be factors in choosing a smartphone, so they cannot be overlooked.

OnePlus 5 Improvements

OnePlus seems pretty proud of its dual cameras, teasing the feature every chance they get. The most recent teaser comes in the form of a video recorded using the OnePlus 5. That is in addition to the previous images shot with the smartphone.

The video also showcases the audio improvements in the OnePlus 5. According to the description of the video, OnePlus equipped new hardware and optimized the system to produce a clearer sound, which also allows for a clearer recording using the microphone even in loud environments.

BGR reported that the video below is not listed on YouTube, but it is there if you have the link.

OnePlus 5 Price, Release Date

OnePlus 5 will remain cheaper than other flagships of the almost the same caliber, but it will be more expensive than usual. The Inquisitr previously discovered its pricing to be around $550, which is over $100 more than what a OnePlus smartphone usually costs. The company was forced to increase its price due to the increase in the production costs. Even so, the price is still considered cheap considering that a Samsung Galaxy S8 is sold at about $720. A higher quality build with an affordable pricing should not hurt the expected sales.

The complete details about the OnePlus 5, including the retainment of the 3.5mm headphone jack, will be disclosed on June 20, so mark your calendars. As there is still a week before it officially goes live, there might be more teasers planned before its release to keep the hype train at full speed.

[Featured Image by OnePlus Press Photos]