Farrah Abraham Slams Maci Bookout For Helping Ex With Drug Issues, Calls Her An Alcoholic

Farrah Abraham isn’t one to keep her opinion to herself, especially when it comes to fellow Teen Mom OG cast mates. As Ryan Edwards, Maci Bookout’s ex, and his drug problems take center stage, Farrah decided she would unleash her opinion on Maci’s behavior, and call her out on her demons in the process.

“Who is she to talk about someone else’s substance abuse when she’s like an alcoholic?”

Farrah Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen, recently shaded Maci Bookout in an interview, saying that the mom of three drank too much beer. And although Farrah and Debra don’t agree about much of anything, they do agree on their armchair diagnosis of Maci.

Maci Bookout has defended what some fans regard as excessive drinking in her newest book, I Wasn’t Born Bulletproof: Lessons I’ve Learned (So You Don’t Have To), which is due out on June 27.

“While obviously I don’t condone excessive drinking, having a beer– or even smoking the occasional cigarette–does not warrant a call to Child Services, and it does not make you a bad mother,” Maci wrote.

She further went on to discuss the reactions people had when her husband, Taylor McKinney, posted a photo of Maci holding a beer and their daughter, Jayde.

“The reaction that followed was intense. People accused me of being a horrible, negligent mother; of drinking too much; of putting my newborn in mortal danger.

“People accused me of being a horrible, negligent mother; of drinking too much; of putting my newborn in mortal danger. Newsflash: Mothers are human beings. We are flawed, hard-working, well-intentioned, exhausted individuals; we do our best, we make mistakes, but above all we love our children.”


Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham have long had a contentious relationship. Maci disapproved of Farrah’s decision to make an adult film in 2013, and at one point threatened to quit the show if Farrah continued on. Maci claimed her son, Bentley, was being associated with an adult film star and she wasn’t happy about it. However, her threats turned out to be empty, and she remained on Teen Mom OG.

The young mom of three’s ex has been in the headlines for the last couple of weeks. He was sent to rehab to work on his addiction to prescription pills, which happened after Maci Bookout brought up her concerns to fellow cast mates while they took a trip to Puerto Rico. Farrah, of course, was not invited.

According to Instagram, the three Teen Mom OG main cast members and their significant others vacationed in early March where Maci opened up about her concerns for her child’s father. However, it took until now for her ex, Ryan Edwards, to finally get the treatment he needed.

Although Maci Bookout’s in-laws have not commented on how she handled the situation, they have lashed out at an ex-girlfriend, fitness model Dalis Connell, who spoke to Radar Online about Ryan’s substance abuse issues. The Instagram sensation told the press outlet that Ryan had gotten hooked on pills during a time of extreme boredom.


She elaborated that she had tried to get him into rehab before and he went to an outpatient facility. According to Dalis, Ryan relapsed after only a week out of the program, as he was anxious for the withdrawal symptoms to stop.

Ryan’s parents have spoken out against Dalis, saying that she only wants attention and money, and that’s why she made herself heard on the gossip site. Other exes of Ryan’s have refused to comment.

But of course Farrah Abraham has commented, and it will be interesting to see if Maci addresses what she has said about her.

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