Caitlyn Jenner Gets New Dog, Not Making Movie After ‘KUWTK’ Rejection, Memoir Fight

Caitlyn Jenner recently adopted a new puppy that is becoming an active part of her life, but is she using dog therapy to soothe the blows dealt by the publishing of her recent memoir, Secrets of My Life? Furthermore, will the dog be a part of Caitlyn Jenner’s upcoming biopic, or is that just a rumor?

Around June 5, Caitlyn Jenner announced on social media that she had a new addition in her life and pictured a new yellow Labrador retriever named Bertha. At only 2 months old, Caitlyn Jenner is showing off the puppy as much as possible with photo updates of Bertha appearing regularly from the golf course.

In the past, Caitlyn Jenner had a dog of the same breed named Gabbana that she shared with her ex, Kris Jenner, and the dog was eventually re-homed with their daughter, Khloe Kardashian.

Unfortunately, Caitlyn Jenner may have needed some company because the publication of her memoir has left some family members feeling frosty.

Although Us Weekly explains that Kendall and Kylie Jenner are staying neutral, they understand why other family members would feel let down by Caitlyn Jenner’s new memoir.

Adding to the complexity of the situation between Caitlyn Jenner and her family after the memoir was published at the end of April, Gossip Cop reports that the book is now being rumored to be turned into a TV movie.

 Caitlyn Jenner reveals family secrets in memoirs

The fact-finding update on June 10 reveals these rumors do not have a lot of firm ground to stand on, and it is likely that these insiders close to Caitlyn Jenner do not know what they are talking about.

It is also not true that Rob Lowe will be playing Caitlyn Jenner in a biopic. Instead, a representative for Caitlyn Jenner was surprised to hear that these rumors about a movie based on her memoirs were circulating.

Despite the fact that there are a lot of rumors surrounding Caitlyn Jenner’s memoirs, what is true is that her daughter, Kim Kardashian, has been very vocal about the fact that she will be loyal to her mother, Kris Jenner, to the end.

Oxygen quoted Kim Kardashian stating to Caitlyn Jenner that if she “talks bad” about her mom in the memoir, she is going to “come for” her.

In a reaction to the way Kim Kardashian responded to the memoir, Caitlyn Jenner stated the following.

“This book, it’s my story. Everybody has stuff in life that they have to deal with and this was my stuff and this is how I dealt with it.”

Ultimately, what Caitlyn Jenner might expect from creating a movie or memoir about her life is televised negative feedback from the rest of the family. For example, E! Online quoted Caitlyn Jenner’s ex-wife, Kris Jenner, responding on video to Caitlyn’s newly published memoir.

This situation seemed to be particularly scathing since Caitlyn’s memoir is titled the Secrets of My Life. So far, Caitlyn Jenner’s step-daughter, Kim Kardashian, has already read some of the memoir — and her takeaway is not positive.

When talking to her mother, Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian said she felt Caitlyn Jenner wrote about Kris in a way that always made it look like things were Kris’ fault.

Kris Jenner agreed with her daughter’s analysis and said that when she read Caitlyn Jenner’s memoir, she also felt like her ex wrote about her negatively in the book to “throw her under the bus.”

Sadly, Caitlyn Jenner may also be feeling some rejection from the LGBTQ community. For example, On June 1, an author writing an opinion piece for LGBTQ Nation summarized their thoughts about Caitlyn Jenner for the onset of Pride month.

Among the topics of concern where Caitlyn Jenner and the LGBTQ community intersect are Jenner’s “conservative politics on issues that’s antithetical of LGBTQ advocacy.”

 Caitlyn Jenner will not create a movie about her memoirs.

Other issues that caused Caitlyn Jenner to fall from grace in the LGBTQ community was during the docu-series about Jenner called I Am Cait. Sadly, Caitlyn Jenner’s show on the E! Network did not “weave her personal narrative into the larger and more varied canon of stories and struggling realities of trans people.”

Instead, it seemed to reveal that Caitlyn Jenner’s “real community was wealthy white Republicans.”

One caveat that concerns this reviewer of Caitlyn Jenner’s memoir is that Jenner speaks out against Ellen DeGeneres because DeGeneres allegedly “alienated” Jenner from the LGBTQ community.

Despite Caitlyn Jenner’s love of the largely anti-LGBTQ Republican Party, she is not against standing up for her transgender civil rights. For example, Caitlyn Jenner spoke out against Donald Trump’s revocation of Obama’s trans bathroom guidelines and told Diane Sawyer the following in an April interview.

“You mess with my community, you don’t give us equality and a fair shot, I’m comin’ after you.”

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