Trump 'Too Stupid To Be President,' Kushner Needs To Speak, Says Bill Maher

Real Time host Bill Maher was his usual critical and funny self last Friday as he ripped into Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

The controversial TV host and comedian opened his show by thanking the audience and viewers for "letting [a] sinner in [their] midst" alluding to his very recent troubles for using a racial slur in a previous episode of his political talk show. He quickly followed that up by saying the United States President Donald Trump was having a worse week than he was.

Maher pointed out that Trump had to deal with James Comey and his testimony at the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing last Thursday. According to Maher, the former FBI director indicated during the hearing that Trump lied to him and "demanded his loyalty above his honesty, threatened his job, [and] wanted to shut down the [Russia] investigation."

Raw Story reported that Maher was in disbelief after the Republicans still refused to impeach Donald Trump despite what they learned from Comey. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan made things worse when he defended Trump, who hails from the business sector and has been involved in television and beauty pageants before he joined politics, by saying that the president is "new to government" hence his lack of knowledge on the "long-running protocols that establish the relationship between DOJ, FBI and White Houses."

"The main Republican talking point is essentially Trump is too stupid to be guilty of anything but if that's the case isn't he too stupid to become president?"
Maher also expressed his disappointment with Republican Senator John McCain for how he performed during the hearing. He said that he expected "the maverick, the lion of the senate" to have his "finest hour" and stand up to Trump but was surprised to see "Mr. Magoo" instead. McCain was criticized for being incoherent and for his confusing line of questioning.

McCain has since joked that his actions at the hearing were due to "stay[ing] up late watching the Diamondbacks night games."

Maher also went after Jared Kushner, 36, husband of Ivanka Trump and one of the president's White House senior advisors. In the same episode of Real Time, Maher questioned why people have never heard Kushner's voice.

"If Jared Kushner is going to be in charge of peace in the Middle East, trade with China, solving the opioid epidemic, reforming the criminal system, and reinventing government, he must speak up."
Maher stressed that Kushner, whom he described as "Boy Wonder," has yet to be heard even after Trump has been in office for six months. Maher also speculated that the reason why Kushner doesn't speak is because there is no need for him to do so and that he never had to ask for anything. He joked that Kushner got into Harvard despite his low SAT scores because his father, real-estate developer and former convict Charles Kushner, gave the school $2.5 million. Maher intensified his attack on Kushner calling him an "idiot" for the purchase of the New York Observer just when "print media was taking off" and for telling Trump that "firing Comey was a good idea."
"How does a 36-year-old who's never worked in a job his daddy didn't buy become the second most powerful man in America... right behind Putin?"
Kushner has had his share of controversy even before his appointment as Trump senior advisor. Kushner Companies claimed that Jared received honors and was part of the debate, basketball, and hockey teams in high school. According to The Guardian, these facts were denied by his alma mater, Frisch School, which said that Kushner was a "less-than-stellar" student. School administrators also "expressed dismay at Harvard's decision" to accept Kushner despite the fact that his GPA and SAT scores "did not warrant it."
Maher himself is still recovering from a bout with controversy after he was called out for using a racist slur in one of the show's episodes. Maher has already apologized on Real Time, saying what he did was "a bad thing."

Actor and rapper Ice Cube, who was a guest on Friday night's episode, lectured Maher on racism and the use of the N-word in particular. Ice Cube even told Maher, "that's our word, and you can't have it back."

Despite some calls for his firing, Real Time is still on air and Bill Maher still continues his criticism of Donald Trump and his administration.

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