Josh Duggar’s Lawsuit Subpoena’s Cheating Website Ashley Madison, Drags Them To Court

Josh Duggar, the disgraced oldest son of 19 children who was first introduced to the world via TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, is facing some serious legal trouble in the coming months. Not only is the reality TV star suing the city of Springdale, Arkansas with his younger sisters for releasing his information as a minor, but he is also being sued himself. Duggar faces a lawsuit from Matthew McCarthy, whom Josh posed as via Twitter, OK Cupid and Ashley Madison itself. McCarthy claims that this has ruined his professional reputation and made it difficult for him to continue his work since Josh catfished unsuspecting ladies.

Clearly, Josh Duggar didn’t want potential sex partners to know that he was the one behind the profile, but using someone else’s profile has landed him in serious legal drama.

According to sources, Josh Duggar is allegedly broke due to his legal issues. The family’s cash cow series, 19 Kids and Counting was pulled after news broke that he had molested five of his younger sisters and several advertisers backed out of sponsoring the once family friendly show. The Duggar family has stated that Josh Duggar will never appear on their spin-off show about their older daughters, Counting On.

It was rumored that Josh’s family gave him a used car dealership to run after he completed his Christian rehab for sex addiction. However, that hasn’t been going well as it was stated that someone drove off the lot not only with a car, but with a gun inside of it.

The pair are expecting a fifth baby very soon, which only complicates financial matters for the couple–and Anna Duggar has not been provided with an education or any skills to help support the family if she needs to do so.

According to new court documents, Josh Duggar’s lawsuit is going to have more than he bargained for. Lawyers for the plaintiff, Matthew McCarthy, have stated that Ashley Madison owners have been subpoenaed to discuss Josh’s profile and any users he connected with under false pretenses. McCarthy claims that this was damaging to him because, as a DJ, many people were on the Ashley Madison or OK Cupid website thinking they were going to hook up with him, and instead they found themselves with Josh Duggar.

Duggar attempted to have the lawsuit thrown out earlier in the year, but unfortunately it backfired. Originally, Duggar tried to state that California Court had no authority over him because he lives in Arkansas while McCarthy lives in California. However, this was not taken into account and the trial will still proceed.

Josh Duggar will be ordered to pay damages to McCarthy if he loses the lawsuit, which could add even more financial problems for the young, and ever expanding family.

Anna Duggar, Josh’s wife, has decided to stay with him, despite the difficulty the pair have endured. Although he went away to a rehab center where he sought treatment for his sex addiction, many claim that the therapists are unlicensed and will not be able to help Josh Duggar in any way. Instead, they claim it was a faith based program that had no basis in reality.

Sources close to the Duggar family, however, say that Anna and Josh’s relationship is still going strong, despite everything the pair have endured together.

“Anna’s pregnancy has gone really well. She’s feeling great and she and Josh seem to be in a good place right now. Josh hasn’t always been the most helpful with raising the kids, but he seems to be stepping up to the plate a bit more now,” the insider revealed to Radar Online.

[Featured Image by Anna Duggar/Instagram]