Selena Gomez ‘Ditches Career’ To Support The Weeknd [Report]

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have been dating for about six months now and things are said to be fairly serious between the two. No longer hiding their relationship, Selena and her rapper beau have paraded their love all over the world. The two have been inseparable lately, and don’t seem to care who is watching.

Now, however, a new report from Radar Online suggests that Gomez is “ditching her career” to support her man. She has been joining him in many cities on his tour, “Starboy: Legend of the Fall.” Sources tell the site that Gomez has tuned out everyone in her life and has chosen to focus solely on her new romance.

“Selena has completely shut out her family and friends for over a month now,” a source told Radar Online. “She is not working right now and has put her career on hold to follow The Weeknd around on his world tour. No one can get through to her right now. She is not responding to anyone’s texts, calls or emails at the moment. Her mother is worried about her and has been for quite some time now,” the source added.

“No one can really do anything at this point. Selena is going to do what she wants to do,” the source concluded.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd at the Met Gala

Gomez recently released a new single called “Bad Liar.” The song is about finding a new love and the feelings that you experience at the very beginning of a new relationship. While it may seem obvious that the song was inspired by The Weeknd, Gomez recently denied that it was. She talked to Ryan Seacrest about it and said that she actually wrote the lyrics over a year ago — far before she fell in love with her new guy.

“The song was over a year ago. I was very much in a different place and I think it was more just telling a story,” Gomez told Seacrest. “I was kinda nervous because we sat on this song for awhile. I didn’t want to follow a theme as much as I just wanted to tell stories. The Kygo song is so different from ‘Bad Liar.’ What’s to come next is completely different from ‘Bad Liar.’ So it’s been really fun. I think that’s how music is now…constantly changing. And I wanted something that sounded like nothing else on the radio,” she added.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd may draw on each other for inspiration in the future, that much is clear. Many fans are actually hoping for a collaboration in the near future, which would really be cool. However, many couples that work together end up splitting, especially in the entertainment business, so if Selena was hesitant, that would be totally understandable.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd at the Met Gala

As far as the report about Selena Gomez ditching her career and her family and friends to spend all of her time with The Weeknd, that can be looked at a number of ways. For starters, she isn’t ditching her career — she just told Ryan Seacrest that she’s preparing to release another single. Secondly, in regard to her supposedly ditching her family and friends, her relationship is new. She’s traveling the world. Obviously, she is going to have less time to dedicate to other people in her life.

Do you like Selena Gomez and The Weeknd together? Do you think that their relationship will last?

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