Melania Trump’s Marriage Reportedly Showing Cracks As Rumors Of An Affair Swirl

One of the many questions surrounding Donald Trump’s presidency is the state of his marriage with first lady Melania Trump. Melania was spotted smacking away Donald’s hand during a trip to Israel and rumors of an affair are now heating up. Is Melania’s marriage showing cracks?

According to Perez Hilton, Melania’s recent activity indicates that she is miserable with Donald. This includes her infamous hand swat, seemingly faking happiness during public engagements, and accidentally liking a tweet that bashed Donald. To the make the situation worse, writer Monica Byrne dropped a huge bombshell that Melania has been cheating on Donald with his head of security.

Byrne did not name her source, but she claims that Donald knows about the affair and was on the verge of divorcing Melania if the election hadn’t gone his way. Once he won the presidency, Donald and Melania reportedly sat down and agreed to remain together through his first term.

“But here it is: word is, for many years, Melania’s been having an affair with the head of security at Tiffany’s in the Trump Tower lobby,” Byrne shared. “… with DT’s knowledge. They had an agreement (written, I think) that if DT lost the election, they’d get divorced. But then he won.”

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Byrne assured everyone that she can’t reveal her source. She also admitted that she is biased against the Trump family and asked other journalists to look into the matter. Byrne is releasing the information now because she thinks it will embarrass him and perhaps lead to his own ruin. Donald and Melania have not responded to the affair rumors.

While we cannot confirm that Melania Trump is having an affair, SMH reports that her body language confirms that the couple is having marital issues. The clip of Melania swatting away Donald’s hand is pretty damning evidence that something is wrong behind the scenes. Not to mention Melania’s body language whenever she’s with Donald in public. One could dismiss these actions as being stress related, but Melania doesn’t seem happy whenever she’s with Donald.

For example, the two shared an awkward hug after Donald was introduced during the Republican National Convention in 2016. Body language experts later concluded that the exchange was “really odd.”

“There was no heart-to-heart contact. There was no pelvis-to-pelvis contact. That was really odd. There was no real warmth,” one expert shared.

Meanwhile, The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Melania’s marriage may not be valid in the eyes of her religion. Melania is the first Catholic first lady since Jacqueline Kennedy, but the church has not annulled Donald’s previous marriages. Based on canon law, this means that both Donald and Melania are disobeying the church and living sinful lives. Is this why Melania looks so miserable with Donald?

POTUS meets Pope with Family

The question of Melania’s religion surfaced during the couple’s recent visit to the Vatican. Donald and Melania met with Pope Francis, who even blessed her rosary. Despite the warmth showed by Pope Francis, the church is clearly not on the same page when it comes to Melania’s marriage, which might be one reason why she wasn’t seen taking communion in the holy city. Donald, meanwhile, is not Catholic.

Of course, the church has not said anything about Melania’s marriage and whether or not they view it as legitimate. Melania’s religious preferences have surprisingly received little attention in the past few months, which raises more questions about possible bias within the church.

Melania has not commented on the status of her marriage with Donald. The two dated for several years before tying the knot in 2005. Donald was married twice before settling down with Melania.

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