Josh Murray Hopes Amanda Stanton Finds ‘Happiness’ In ‘Paradise’

Josh Murray’s ex-fiancee, Amanda Stanton, is heading to Bachelor In Paradise, months after the two split for good. Stanton, a mother of two, made her reality television debut on The Bachelor, where she found herself falling for Ben Higgins. However, she was sent home after introducing Ben to her daughters. She decided to return to television to find love once more on Bachelor In Paradise Season 3, and that’s when she met Murray.

Murray and Stanton fell in love rather quickly and seemed to have a great time getting to know one another on the show. By the time the finale rolled around, Murray (who was previously engaged to Bachelorette Andi Dorfman) was ready to propose. He met with jeweler Neil Lane to pick out the perfect ring for his leading lady and he got down on one knee. Stanton said yes, naturally, and the two went out into the world, attempting to make their love work in a real-life setting. Except, things didn’t go as the two had hoped.

Not long after, however, reports of trouble “after Paradise” sprung up.

In January, Stanton confirmed that she and Murray had split.

“We did break up. It’s been kind of a weird situation because we broke up and we didn’t release a statement, obviously, so I think people have been kind of going crazy wondering if we’re together or if we’re not, and we’re not,” she told Us Weekly. “It wasn’t something that I was trying to hide. I just didn’t know what the right time was to say something, or really what to say about it. I think it’s good to kind of set the record straight. Hopefully everyone can know the truth now,” she added.

Murray and Stanton ended up going their separate ways, but not before things got ugly.

In March, Murray’s assistant, Hayley Watts, came forward with all kinds of nasty accusations about Stanton. According to E! News, Watts aired out all kinds of dirty laundry — some of which may or may not have been true.

“On March 13, Josh had an appearance in Los Angeles for the [Bachelor] finale of Nick’s season. Josh and Amanda got into a big argument that night, and she ended up taking his things from their shared apartment and putting them out in the hallway. I had to go retrieve them for Josh,” Watts said. She went on to talk about a car that Murray allegedly purchased for Stanton and how he wasn’t about to pay for it after their split.

And, at one point, Watts claims that the police even got involved after Stanton accused her of stealing.

At the time, Stanton responded to the story saying that it was fabricated.

“It’s all a lie! It’s just really frustrating. He doesn’t even have a personal assistant. I don’t know why [she’s calling herself that]. She’s contacted all these people and I don’t know why because he’s in Italy, I’m in Fiji. We haven’t even talked. I don’t know why I woke up to all this. I thought things were fine,” she told E! News.

Now, Stanton is ready to find love for a third time. Murray talked to Us Weekly about his ex going on the reality show and said that he wishes her nothing but the best.

“Good for her, let her have a great time. This is her third time around. Hopefully she finds somebody, hopefully she finds happiness. That ship has definitely sailed. Amanda and I are done. But like I said, I wish her nothing but the best. Hopefully she can find love in Paradise for the second time. We’ll see what happens,” Murray told Us Weekly.

“I had a great attachment to the girls, and they’re incredible. I just hope out of all this that they’re OK, especially with her going on [Bachelor in Paradise] again,” he added.

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[Featured Image by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]