Ariana Grande Permanently Honors Manchester Victims With A Tattoo

It has been reported that Ariana Grande has been so touched by the Manchester attack that she has decided to honor the victims in a permanent way–with a tattoo. She has chosen to get a bee on her body, though it has not been released where it was placed, in order to have Manchester forever on her.

The bee is a symbol of Manchester, and British tattoo artist, Dan Leicester, explained the significance to MTV.

“It’s the symbol of the industrial revolution in Manchester when the cotton mills started up back in the 1800s. The cotton mills were called hives and everyone that came to them were like the worker bees, and now it’s become a symbol for the city. You can’t walk around without seeing it,” he said.

According to media outlets, a local tattoo artist came to the One Love Manchester concert and inked Ariana Grande and several members of her band and crew with the symbol of the city. As there were many other famous singers and bands in attendance, it is unknown if they also got tattoos of the bee as well, but it does seem to be a more than likely scenario.

The pop star has 14 tattoos on her body, mostly on her hands and feet, though she also has a half-moon on her neck. The Manchester bee would be her 15th tattoo. The superstar received her very first tattoo, a heart on her toe, when she was 18, which was captured via YouTube. The tattoo symbolizes the song, “Tattooed Heart,” from her debut album Yours, Truly.

The other confirmed tattoos on Ariana Grande’s body include: a female Venus symbol, the French phrase “Mille Tendresse” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the word “Bellissima,” for her late grandfather, the word “Honeymoon,” for her song “Honeymoon Avenue,” אלד, which tenth name of the 72 names of God in Judaism, the word “Hi,” the word, “Babydoll,” another heart and the letter “A.”

Ariana Grande is also reportedly writing a tribute song to the victims of the attack. The song, which she is collaborating with several well-known artists for, will be released on iTunes later this month and all proceeds will go to the families of the victims of the attack in addition to those who were injured and still need assistance to fully recover from their wounds.

The star’s One Love Manchester concert, which benefited the families of the victims and the injured reportedly raised $12 million.

Although the star took a break from her Dangerous Woman tour following the attack, she has resumed her world tour and will continue it through to the end. She restarted the tour in Paris, France, with a rousing version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which she dedicated to the victims of the attack.

Before Ariana Grande embarked on her Dangerous Woman tour, the young singer paid her respects to those in Manchester. She visited the hospital where several of the children who had been injured at the show were still recovering from their wounds, brightening their day.

She also offered free tickets to the One Love Manchester concert for anyone who had attended her original concert, though over 10,000 people claimed that they had been there the night of the attack.

Ariana Grande and her mother, Joan Grande, also arranged for a girl who had just been discharged from the hospital the day earlier to come to the concert and have a special backstage experience with the rest of the superstars who performed for charity that night.

Despite the tragic events of May 22, Ariana Grande has shown the world that she has a huge heart and the ability to step up to the plate when she needs to.

[Featured Image by Dave Hogan/Getty Images]