Prisoner Lodged In Wall After Escape Attempt Forced To Cry For Help

A prisoner lodged in a wall in Brazil was forced to call prison guards for help during an amusingly failed escape attempt after his stocky build prevented him from slipping through a small space.

The prisoner lodged in a wall was 28-year-old Rafael Valadão, in jail for a theft charge. Valadão was reportedly following another prisoner who was small enough to successfully escape, but the “barrel-chested” convict who followed was not as lucky.

Lt. Tiago Costa, a local fireman dispatched to free the prisoner lodged in the wall, arrived on the scene and describes how the man came to be trapped during the botched escape attempt. According to Costa, the aborted flight from prison went bad almost immediately, causing the trapped convict to wail in agony and alert prison guards to his plight:

“He has a very large physique, and is also very tall … The other prisoners tried to push him but he stayed stuck in the wall. He started screaming in pain, and that was when the prison guards were alerted.”

According to the Telegraph, the man was broken out of the wall by fireman and may have sustained a broken bone in the escape attempt.

prisoner lodged in wall brazil

“[Valadão] was left with his upper body hanging outside of the prison while he was trapped by the hole in the wall around his midriff … He was rescued after firemen smashed through the rest of the wall and is now being treated for a suspected fractured rib.”

The other man who escaped while his prisoner pal got lodged in the wall is still at large after the Monday breakout.