Amber Portwood And Matt Baier A No Show To Their Own Event, Friend Spills The Beans On Where They Really Were

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier hit a new low a couple of days ago when they ditched their own book signing, leaving fans bewildered. The pair were set to promote Matt’s forthcoming book, and Amber claims she was along for the ride in order to support her man, but was also signing copies of her own memoir.

The couple was supposed to do the signing at a Barnes and Noble in Greenwood, Indiana, not far from their own hometown. Fans who were at the event reported that they were originally told the reality TV stars were running late. They were then told that Matt was a no-show, to which allegedly brought about applause from fans who said they were just there to meet Amber Portwood anyway.

It was then reported that Amber wasn’t coming either, though those who worked at Barnes and Noble reported that Amber was in tears and told those waiting about her emotional outburst. According to Amber Portwood, there was a conflict with filming, though she has been on twitter defending herself and telling fans that she was told it was cancelled. She also shaded her on-again, off-again fiancé, Matt Baier, saying he was using her for her money and her name.

Amber felt so guilty for stiffing her fans that she offered to do a free meet and greet or give away free copies of her book to fans who had come to see her.

“I would never ever just not show up to see my fans. I’m very hurt that I was told it was cancelled and that was a lie. I will make it up to everyone for free!!! Free books or a meet anything! I would never do that on purpose!! Please know that,” she desperately wrote to her fans on social media.

Her fiancé, Matt Baier, was promoting the event on Instagram just hours before he was scheduled to appear. While it was reported that he had fled town and gone to see his family in Boston, one of his friends spilled the tea that Matt was actually Atlanta at a poker tournament.

The friend wrote on Matt’s Instagram.

“You n Jeff have fun at the poker tournament in Atlanta yesturday? Did u Tell the 9 people at ur book signing sorry? Thats where u were at instead of ur book signing a poker tournament my friend seen you n Jeff there around the same time you were suppose to be at barnes n noble,” he stated.

It does seem incredibly suspicious that Matt would be promoting the event mere hours before it was to occur and then didn’t show up. It would also take planning for Matt to make it to Atlanta, so for him to get all the way there in a matter of hours is incredible, though not surprising given Matt’s history of general shadiness.

Amber Portwood has not commented on where Matt was during the book signing, only that she feels terrible that it didn’t take place the way it was supposed to.

On the way to #PennAndTeller with @realamberlportwood1__ #lasvegas

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Fans have been confused about the status of their relationship for a while now. It was reported in May that the pair had split for good, though Amber Portwood has stated that they are back on and living together. And although it was also reported that the pair had put their engagement on hold, Matt Baier told People that the wedding was still very much on.

According to fans who attended the Teen Mom OG reunion special taping, Amber Portwood told the audience that she and Matt were working on their relationship, but were no longer engaged at that time.

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