Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Ignore Affair Rumors Despite New Details

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are doing their best to ignore new affair rumors after a woman claiming to be A-Rod’s ex came forward with some potentially relationship-ending allegations. According to multiple reports, fitness model Lauren Hunter has come forward claiming that A-Rod has been in touch with her — texting her and what not — while he has been dating J.Lo. The reports have only gotten more intense in the past few days, with Hunter allegedly releasing some of the dirt that she has.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Hunter allegedly went after A-Rod for money. She was seeking some $600k in exchange for keeping her mouth shut about her alleged relationship with the former New York Yankees star, but sources said that Rodriguez had no intention of paying this woman off.

Now, according to Radar Online, she’s starting to leak some stuff. Alleged text messages between Hunter and Rodriguez hit the internet, but A-Rod and J.Lo continue to ignore the claims.

Another report from Radar Online claims that Lopez is trying to keep up her image, and she’s determined to show everyone that she and A-Rod are doing fine despite Hunter’s apparent attempts to ruin their new love.

“Everyone knows what a creep he is. But she will turn against anyone who goes up against the perfect image she has created for the two of them,” an insider told the site.

Over the weekend, both Rodriguez and Lopez posted Instagram photos of themselves, spending some quality time together, relaxing, and apparently enjoying life. However, neither A-Rod nor J.Lo have posted photos of each other since the weekend — and a lot has gone on this week as far as this alleged affair story goes. It doesn’t look like Hunter is planning to back down anytime soon.

According to TMZ, A-Rod has plans to lawyer up while “preparing for a legal war.”

“The source believes she intended to release old texts with Alex from when they were dating, and make it seem like he was still contacting her while dating Jennifer. We’re told A-Rod is standing firm… he will NOT pay her a dime. Instead, his legal team is preparing to go to police and even federal authorities if the woman continues threatening him.”

The site went on to say that Lopez is supportive and understanding of Rodriguez’s situation, having dealt with similar things in the past. It seems evident that someone wants to destroy A-Rod now that he has apparently found happiness again. Whether this woman wants money, revenge, fame, or all of the above, she certainly isn’t letting this go.

“We’re told she demanded $600,000 or she would contact multiple media outlets to offer text messages Alex had sent her. One source with direct knowledge believes the woman’s motives are clear: once A-Rod hooked up with J Lo… the ex saw dollar signs, and felt he would pay any amount to keep her quiet.”

Lopez has a lot of things going for her right now and is in the middle of her new show, World Of Dance. The last thing that she probably wants to worry about is her relationship, so it makes sense that she’s staying focused and doing her best to ignore Hunter.

Do you think J-Rod will be able to survive this scandal? Do you think that Lauren Hunter is telling the truth about Rodriguez or do you think that she’s just after his money? Should Lopez be skeptical at this point or is she doing the right thing by ignoring Hunter’s claims? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images For Entertainment Weekly]