‘Shameless’ Season 8 Theories: Could Fiona Leave The Family To Fend For Themselves?

Those who have followed Shameless from the start know that Emmy Rossum’s character Fiona Gallagher has always been a bit of a train wreck. Between her heartbreaking relationships and her selfish and unreliable father, Fiona is considered by many as damaged goods. It wasn’t until Fiona spiraled so far out of control that she ruined all the good things she had – and almost got Liam killed – that she finally begun to turn her life around.

Now, Fiona has always been the glue that holds the Gallagher family together. From that very first pilot episode and through the entire series, Fiona became both the mother and the father of her younger siblings.

In Season 7, however, Shameless fans got to see a new and improved side of Fiona Gallagher. Finally, the eldest sibling of the dysfunctional family had had enough. She was done with men and done with putting every other person in her life before herself. Fiona was in a place where she wanted to start doing things to improve her own life. And for the most part? Fans really seemed to like the idea of a Fiona Gallagher who was worried about something other than what guy she was going to crawl into bed with next. Sure, the show is called Shameless, but at what point in time does Rossum’s character start acting like the adult she was forced to be at such a young age?

The Christian Post recently proposed a new fan theory which questions whether or not Season 8 could finally be the point in time where Fiona cuts all ties with the rest of her family. In Season 7, Fiona has already given Shameless fans a taste of the fact that she was done being the only person in the house to make any and all decisions for everyone else. She also made it clear that she didn’t want to be the only person paying for the bills anymore. Given the way Fiona shifted into wanting to become her own person and do her own things, it isn’t too much of a stretch to picture her separating herself from the rest of her siblings and leaving them to fend for themselves.

Emmy Rossum discusses the Showtime series during a panel

As the Inquisitr has recently reported, the role of Liam Gallagher has recently been recast to a new actor. While it is unclear who the new actor is or why, a lot of fans are assuming this means there is going to be a time jump in the plot line. If the time jump fan theory turns out to be true, it would certainly make it easier for Fiona to walk away from the family completely. With the exception of Liam, the rest of the Gallagher crew has mostly reached the point of taking care of themselves anyway. Now, whether or not they do a good job taking care of themselves is a different story.

What about Frank?

The only issue with this Season 8 fan theory is Frank. As those who follow the series know, Fiona takes care of her father Frank just as much as she cares for the rest of her siblings. She has more or less provided Frank with some of the care and love that his wife Monica never gave to him. From Fiona’s point of view, walking away from Frank and leaving him to fend for himself isn’t going to be very hard. After all, she’s made it clear she doesn’t like him very much. The question is – will Frank just let Fiona walk away from the family or will he make some sort of attempt to get her to stay? Whether he wants to admit it or not, he needs Fiona.

William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum attend Shameless screening

Do you think Fiona could walk away from the rest of the Gallagher family and live her own life? Would Lip be able to step up and take care of the remainder of his family? Share your thoughts on this Shameless Season 8 fan theory in the comments section below.

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