‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoiler: Quinn Accuses Katie of Shooting; Katie will Prove Her Innocence

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for June 9 gets more explosive as the conflict between Quinn and Katie continue to escalate to new heights. Maya and Rick also came back from Paris and they learned about the difficulty Nicole is in.

In the teaser, Katie will lose it and go haywire as she is convinced that Quinn was responsible for the rejection of her design proposal at the Forresters Creations. She also thinks that her career is ruined because of this, plus her relations with Eric has gone sour as well.

Clearly, her dangerous nature has been triggered with the unfortunate events surrounding her. Now she is raring to unleash her fury to get back at her enemies. However, Katie must respond to police’s inquiry with regards to Quinn’s serious allegations that she tried to shoot her.

Apparently, as soon as the bullet whizzed past her, Quinn already knows who the culprit could be. It is Katie of course. In her mind, no one else could have done it, especially because just a few hours earlier, Katie had pulled a gun on her at the office, and Ridge even witnessed this.

Both Ridge and Quinn pointed fingers at Katie as the person who fired the gun. Katie will deny this. On the next The Bold and the Beautiful episode, Katie has been yelling, “I am nothing like her! I am nothing like her!” and she was referring to Quinn.

The again, if she is really the culprit, things might also get bad for Quinn since Katie would definitely be asked why she did it. She could respond that it was because Quinn did not live up to their agreement of letting her do what she wants at the Forresters Creations. This kind of response may lead to the discovery of Ridge-Quinn affair.

The upcoming The Bold and the Beautiful episode will show Katie doing everything in her power to prove her innocence. But, since the culprit was not shown, there is a bit of possibility that she may really be involved. If not, she could be in danger because while trying to prove she is not guilty, Katie might accidentally uncover the identity of the true shooter.

Quinn confided to Ridge and told him everything about her discord with Katie. Although Quinn felt fear, Ridge does not see Katie as much of a problem so he is relax. The only thing he is worried about is Quinn getting hurt once Eric finds out about their affair, thus Ridge may still decide to get rid of Katie.

At any rate, more troubles are brewing in The Bold and the Beautiful as Maya may face some legal issues regarding her adaptation of Lizzie. Carter relayed to her that if Nicole, the surrogate mother, decided to file for custody, a fierce court battle could ensue.

Maya just returned to Los Angeles with Rick since they sense something is wrong with Nicole, who is taking care of their daughter Lizzie. The couple is on a business trip in Paris but they cut their trip short to be with Lizzie.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Eventually, Maya learned that Nicole may never have her own kids in the future and this was why she has been acting strange lately. She was shocked with the news and started to understand Nicole’s attachment to her daughter Lizzie.

Nicole was forced to tell Maya how she and Zende are having difficulty in conceiving a child. She consulted a doctor and was told that the scarring she got when she carried Lizzie for Maya and Rick has made her infertile.

Meanwhile, The Bold and the Beautiful also teased that Sally, Thomas, Steffy and Liam will have a meal together. Needless to say, the atmosphere was awkward but Thomas arranged the lunch date to diffuse the friction between his sister and girlfriend. He wants them to get along but it was not easy.

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