‘Return To Amish’s Rebecca Schmucker Passes Her GED

Rebecca Schmucker was last seen on Return to Amish struggling to pass her GED. The sixth season of the show ended on a cliffhanger without revealing the reality star’s results. In April, Starcasm reported that she was able to pass the Science, Social Studies and Language Arts sections, but recently, she announced that she had finally passed the math portion, officially making her a high school graduate.

Schmucker revealed on social media that she passed the other portions of the test on the first try, but failed the math section. However, it only took the reality star two tries to successfully ace the exam, proving that she is incredibly capable.

It was reported that when she passed the test, she broke down in tears and thanked everyone who had supported her in a private video on her Twitter account. She also thanked her math teacher, Mr. Vickers, whom she said helped her learn to love math and added that when she first began her journey, she didn’t think she had a hope of passing it at all. But now that she has, the future has been opened to her.

Passing the GED is a big accomplishment for Rebecca Schmucker. The young mother of two was raised Amish, where children traditionally stop schooling around 8th grade. Because they view education as prideful, this makes it difficult for those intending to leave the church, as they are not prepared to get a job to support themselves without proper education. Although many of the boys can continue to work in construction or carpentry, the girls often do not have skills aside from those learned from their mothers, like cooking, sewing, and rearing children.


Rebecca Schmucker hasn’t stated what she wants to do after passing her GED, but it is possible she will use her newfound knowledge to enroll in college classes.

The reality TV star has come a long way since her first days on Return to Amish. When she appeared on the show, she shocked fans by revealing that she had once had all of her teeth pulled, which can be a common practice for some Amish communities. Often, this is done as either a punishment or because it is easier and cheaper than taking care of real teeth. Although it is a common misconception that the Amish shun modern medical care, most do not have health insurance and thus rely on out-of-pocket expenses. As such, it is likely getting dentures was cheaper than having regular visits the dentist.

In one of the first episodes of the show, she was fitted with new dentures that looked more realistic than her old set.

Rebecca Schmucker (then Byler) met Abe Schmucker, a young Amish man, during filming of the show. The pair ended up getting married at the end of the first season.

The pair now have two children together, Kayla and Malika, and they currently live in Pennsylvania.


Abe Schmucker has been working as a trucker for the past several seasons of the show, which is one job many Amish men without an education can take. About a year and a half ago, it was reported that his best friend, Mike Spencer, was recorded coming and going from the house Rebecca and Abe share with their children in the early morning hours while Abe was away for work. And while the allegations of infidelity have swirled since then, the pair seem to still be going strong.

It was, at one point, reported that Abe was not particularly fond of the idea of Rebecca Schmucker getting her GED, but according to Rebecca’s latest social media posts, he has been nothing but supportive of her endeavors.

Congratulations, Rebecca!

[Featured Image by Rebecca Schmucker/Instagram]