Tyga Allegedly Hates Travis Scott Being With Kylie Jenner, Convinced ‘KUWTK’ Star Will Take Him Back

Tyga is allegedly sick and tired of seeing Kylie Jenner with her boyfriend, Travis Scott, telling pals that the reality star’s new man doesn’t deserve her.

Tyga and Kylie reportedly called it quits back in March, with sources at the time stressing that the feuding and arguments had really taken a toll on the couple’s relationship — they both knew that they needed a break from one another.

During their break, however, Jenner ended up falling in love with Travis, whom she would go on to form a full-on romance with while Tyga was stunned to think that the girl he had spent two years of his life with was able to move on to another man in a matter of just two weeks after calling it quits with him.

Tyga was reportedly very much under the impression that whatever he shared for the socialite was something that was more or less one-sided. To this day, he can’t comprehend how his ex-girlfriend managed to move on so fast, and the fact that she would choose Travis makes it even more insulting.

Tyga doesn’t know Scott that well but from what he’s heard, the father of two isn’t that much of a fan and it shows in the way the “Faded” star has allegedly trash-talked Kylie’s new beau to his pals, insisting that he should have never even had the chance to get with her to begin with, Life & Style shares.

It’s quite obvious that Tyga is furious that Jenner is in a new relationship because he believes that there’s nobody out there that will love Kylie the way Tyga did for the two years that they were together, implying that the 27-year-old definitely wants to reconcile and kick Travis out of the picture.

“Tyga’s ego is so huge, he still can’t seem to comprehend that Kylie [Jenner]’s over him,” a source explains to Hollywood Life.” He used to brag that he could get away with anything and she’d never get over him, but clearly that’s not true.

“Instead of facing the facts, Tyga’s being super childish and trash talking Travis [Scott]. He makes fun of his style and calls him soft, but he’s obviously jealous that Kylie’s moved on — he can’t let go.”

It’s been said that Kylie Jenner couldn’t be happier being with Travis. The 19-year-old has already met the rapper’s family, whom Kylie made a great impression on, sources affirm, so the chances that Jenner will dump Scott to get back with Tyga seem very unlikely.

The reality star has made it known to her family members that she and Tyga needed to break up for a reason. Their relationship was reportedly toxic, and in weeks prior to calling it quits, that’s when the socialite was said to have realized that trying to make a broken romance work is pointless — it was almost as if Tyga and Kylie wanted two different things from each other.

While Kylie Jenner has tried to move on from the relationship in a peaceful manner, Tyga has reportedly been penning diss tracks with his ex-girlfriend in mind. He’s reportedly absolutely furious that she will not even consider the idea of getting back with him and trying to see whether or not they can work things out.

His new single “Playboy” hears Tyga rap about being with a woman that may leave him from time to time but because of her obsession with the hip-hop star, she will always come back to him, which many fans interpreted as a play on words surrounding his former relationship with Kylie.

Tyga still seems to be under the impression that he will get another chance with Kylie, but what do you think?

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