Selena Gomez On Tour With The Weeknd Amid Claims Couple Will Collaborate On New Album

Selena Gomez simply can’t get enough of The Weeknd, according to a new report, which claims that the singer has made it her priority to spend as much time with her boyfriend before she starts her promotional tour for the new album.

Selena Gomez has reportedly been finishing up her forthcoming record that’s expected to hit stores later this year, but now that she’s had some time off, the former Disney Channel star managed to fit some quality time with her beau into her busy schedule.

With The Weeknd still being on tour, Selena Gomez accompanied her beau out to New York City, where the R&B star performed at the Barclays Center in a sold-out arena, and, of course, Selena Gomez was supporting her man all the way through every single song.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that Selena Gomez has the best time whenever she’s with The Weeknd — they share a very close bond with one another, and seeing her beau on stage makes her the proudest girlfriend.

It’s even better to know that after the show, the twosome has romantic date nights and get to be in each other’s company for an additional set of days before they are both back to working on their individual projects again, Billboard adds.

It’s hard being away from her man, but Selena Gomez is making it the best way she knows how, and now that the duo has been together for a whopping seven months, the “Good For You” songstress has realized that being with The Weeknd and starting a romance with him is one of the best decisions she’s ever made in her life.

“Selena feels like she’s found her person, her relationship with Abel has opened her heart and helped her heal in ways she didn’t even think was possible. She is so grateful to him, he’s shown her what real love is,” the source gushes.

Selena Gomez has even told her friends that she can’t get enough of her beau, who always knows the right things to say to her.


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Unlike the previous men she’s been romantically linked to, The Weeknd is incredibly romantic and always makes the effort to arrange something special for his leading lady, and Selena Gomez definitely takes note of it. She appreciates it so much, especially when they haven’t seen each other for weeks.

The 27-year-old has embedded a new kind of confidence in Selena Gomez, who feels like she’s a brand new person thanks to the “Starboy” hitmaker.

“She’s never had this kind of confidence in herself or her body and this new relationship is a big part of it. He always tells her how beautiful she is and how hot her body is, she’s never felt sexier and it’s all thanks to Abel. He makes her feel safe and secure in every way.”

Regarding her forthcoming album, insiders note that a release date has yet to be confirmed, but with Selena Gomez already putting out singles from the record, it would seem as if the singer is looking to have the album out in stores in the next months.

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Fans have since taken to Twitter, wondering what the possibilities are that Selena Gomez would have collaborated on a song with her boyfriend. Seeing that the duo has reportedly had multiple studio sessions together, it wouldn’t be shocking to see them release a collaborative effort together.

A source concludes by saying that Selena Gomez has never been this happy in her life. She’s finally found someone who she can see herself settling down with, and though she’s not thinking that far ahead, Selena would most definitely want to grow old and have a family with The Weeknd — when the time is right, of course.

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