Cheryl Burke, Who Is Replacing Abby Lee Miller On ‘Dance Moms,’ Is Going On Tour, But Disses Miller

Dance Moms is at a bit of an impasse thanks to Abby Lee Miller going off to jail for fraud. Miller, who will begin her sentence at the end of June, is being replaced by former Dancing with the Stars hoofer Cheryl Burke. (Miller, for her part, insists that Burke is going through a career slump, and says that Dance Moms is a huge downgrade from Dancing with the Stars. We’re not sure whether to agree with her or to applaud her for throwing such shade at the show that made her famous.)

However, Burke told Access Hollywood that she plans to take a very different approach to teaching the students on Dance Moms. She said that she plans to be much kinder than Abby Lee Miller ever was, and she feels that Miller’s approach to teaching does nothing for the students.

What’s more, said Burke, she’ll be beginning her time on the show after she’s done with her nationwide dance tour.

“”Dancing with the Stars” alum Cheryl Burke chats with Access Hollywood Live’s Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover about her new dance tour, “Love on the Floor.” Plus, Cheryl talks about taking over for Abby Lee Miller on “Dance Moms.” How does Cheryl’s teaching style differ from Abby Lee’s? Tickets for “Love on the Floor” are available now at”

This isn’t the first time that the new Dance Moms judge has dissed and dismissed the old one. According to People Magazine, Burke has gone on the offensive, criticizing Miller’s “outbursts” and questioning her sanity.

What’s more, said Burke, she felt that Miller traumatized the students from the way she behaved.

But while Burke said that she plans to be much kinder than Miller ever was, she isn’t going to be a pushover.

“Although she is intentionally avoiding the loud antics, she maintains that she still has high standards for the girls. “But don’t get me wrong, I’m still — from people that have seen me on Dancing with the Stars — I am still strict, I’m stern and I expect the best out of my students,” Burke tells Harvey in a sneak peek at the episode. “But I do it in a way that’s loving and it’s caring, and I try not to intimidate them or traumatize the kids.”

For her part, though, Abby Lee Miller is going through it something fierce. According to TMZ, the former Dance Moms star is preparing for her prison stint, and to say she isn’t happy about it would be an understatement. (Of course, prison isn’t meant to be a pleasant experience, so there’s that.)

But for now, she’s enjoying her freedom while she can, and the outlet caught up with her while she was off getting a pedicure. (Not sure what she’ll need it for once she’s inside, though.)

“The former “Dance Moms” star parked her a** on a comfy chair for a 3-hour mani/pedi session Thursday in L.A. just days after she was slapped with a 366-day prison sentence. She was convicted on 20 counts of fraud for trying to hide $755k in earnings from the gov. She seemed unfazed though… Abby — who will report to a federal facility near L.A. in about a month and a half — also gave her future inmate pals a heads-up about her boozing etiquette. Warning to Abby: the warden frowns upon that kinda thing.”

What do you think of this latest Dance Moms news? Do you think that Cheryl Burke will be a better mentor to the girls than Abby Lee Miller?

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