‘This Is Us’ Season 2 Spoilers: Premiere Will Reveal Major Info On Jack’s Death

This Is Us was last season’s biggest TV surprise. The family drama pulled in millions of viewers and captivated its audience. Now, fans are looking forward to Season 2 when the series returns to NBC this fall. However, there is still one big mystery to be answered, and that is how Jack Pearson died.

According to Pop Culture, the This Is Us Season 2 premiere episode will give some major insight into Jack’s death. The show’s creator, Dan Fogelman, recently revealed that some big pieces of the puzzle regarding Jack’s tragic death are going to be given when the show returns.

“The first episode of the season holds not all the answers but a huge piece of the puzzle.”

As many This Is Us fans know, it was revealed that Jack had died in a Season 1 episode, and fans were stunned to learn that the family’s patriarch would be killed off. However, Jack, played by actor Milo Ventimiglia, remains on the show as the series uses multiple timelines to tell the story of the Pearson family in the past and in the present day.

This Is Us Season 2 Spoilers: Jack's Death is coming soon.
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When Dan Fogelman was asked when the mystery behind Jack’s death would finally be revealed to viewers, he promised that Season 2 would answer the question. However, he teased that along with the reveal behind Jack’s death, new questions would be raised.

“Over the course of the season. That’s not to say new questions won’t start being asked.”

While fans have no idea how Jack Pearson will die on This Is Us, actor Milo Ventimiglia does know. The star says that Fogelman told him the big secret, but that he will still have his job after the big death reveal.

“I know how [Jack dies], I know when, I know why. It didn’t sway me at all. Fogelman said to me, ‘Milo, don’t worry. Just because Jack is dead in the present day doesn’t mean you’re going to be off the show.'”

Meanwhile, the mystery behind Jack Pearson’s death has led many This Is Us fans to create their own theories about what killed the father of three. Multiple fan theories are floating around, and some of them are so convincing that they could even be real.

Theories of a plane crash have been the most popular among This Is Us fans. While it was first thought that Jack may die in the terrorist attacks during September 11, the show’s timeline and the children’s ages didn’t match up to that theory. However, a more relevant plane crash theory soon surfaced.

This Is Us Season 2 Spoilers: How Did Jack Pearson Die?
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The theory states that Jack Pearson may have been traveling from Chicago to Pittsburgh, where the Pearson family lived, on USAir Flight 427. The plane tragically crashed in September of 1994 while attempting to land at Pittsburgh International Airport. There were no survivors of the crash. This theory could be true as the timeline matches, the city matches, the Pearson kids ages match, and characters on the show have expressed their fears over flying.

Along with the convincing This Is Us fan theories about Jack’s death, there are also some off the wall rumors. One theory claims that Jack’s former best friend, Miguel, may have murdered him in order to get close to his wife, Rebecca, whom he later married. Another theory ponders the question about Jack taking his own life after splitting with Rebecca, or dying in a drunk driving car accident since it’s been revealed he suffers from alcohol abuse issues.

What are your thoughts on the latest This Is Us Season 2 news and fan theories? How do you think Jack Pearson will die on the show?

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