Josh Gates To Host 'Expedition Unknown: Hunt For ExtraTerrestrials' On The Travel Channel

This fall, adventurer extraordinaire Josh Gates will be searching for proof of extraterrestrial life in an epic four-part investigation titled Expedition Unknown: Hunt for ExtraTerrestrials. According to Deadline Hollywood, production in underway and the special is scheduled to air sometime in October 2017. On this new Expedition Unknown special, Josh will trek across four continents to search for proof that life exists on other planets. Serving as host and executive producer of Expedition Unknown: Hunt For ExtraTerrestrials, Josh Gates travels from the deserts of Chile to the African wilderness, and on to one of the planet's most remote islands on a quest to uncover the truth behind the legends and mysteries regarding extraterrestrial encounters.

"Since the beginning of mankind, our curiosity has driven our search for life beyond this planet," said Courtney White, senior vice president of programming for the Travel Channel, Food Network, and Cooking Channel. "Josh's journey to hunt for extraterrestrials will be his most epic yet, as he boldly travels the globe to unravel this mind-bending mystery."

Besides traveling to remote regions of the world, his journey on Expedition Unknown will take him closer to home as he goes deep behind the scenes at NASA's mission control center. Located in Houston, Texas, Josh will discover that the term "international travel" can take on a whole new meaning on this Expedition Unknown special. Later, Josh will be a special, distinguished guest at the UFO Festival held in Roswell, New Mexico. On Expedition Unknown: Hunt for ExtraTerrestrials, he will be participating in some unusual festivities that are designed to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the famous Roswell incident. Broadway World shared that Josh Gates has always had a fascination with science fiction, and his vivid imagination fueled his desire to learn more.

"There have been so many firsthand accounts of the Yeti and several years ago I had my own encounter. I discovered an unusual set of footprints high in the Himalayas. It was an incredible and confounding find; we cast the print and donated it to the Yeti museum at Disney's Animal Kingdom, where it's now on display."

Now that Josh has turned his focus toward finding evidence that aliens do exist, he will undoubtedly take Expedition Unknown viewers along on a fun and wild ride as he travels the globe. Known for his keen sense of humor, he often keeps fans grinning at his antics. Who knows, he may even throw in a dance or two, as evidenced by the latest episode of Expedition Unknown when he joined a group of Bollywood dancers on the streets of Mumbai during his search for India's Atlantis. He looked like he was having a blast, and now fans know that Josh Gates has some impressive dance moves as well.

"Expedition Unknown satisfies our audience's appetite for epic adventure," Courtney White said. "Josh's love of exploration, innate curiosity and sense of humor are contagious and help deliver the type of exhilarating travel programming that appeals to all audiences."

Besides currently hosting Expedition Unknown and Destination Truth on the Travel Channel, Josh will also be hosting Legend Has It (working title), a new show about the experiences that modern travelers discover when they visit ancient global hot spots. At this time, there is no other information on this new series but check back for updates.

Are you a fan of Josh Gates and Expedition Unknown? Do you believe aliens exist and have visited our planet? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions concerning Expedition Unknown below. Season 3 of Expedition Unknown is currently airing every Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on the Travel Channel.

[Featured Image by Travel Channel]