Chad Johnson Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Reveals New Relationship, New Whaboom Business Move

When Chad Johnson first appeared on The Bachelorette trying to win over JoJo Fletcher, fans everywhere wondered if this bad boy would ever find love. Since Chad gained the villain label with JoJo and once again snagged the title for Bachelor in Paradise, Johnson has still been searching for the right one. Chad most recently appeared on Famously Single and earlier this year announced what would have been his second appearance on Bachelor in Paradise. Chad announced a few months later he would not be joining the Season 4 cast. Now Johnson is revealing that he has found a new girlfriend. Are Chad’s days of reality dating shows over?

Entertainment Tonight shared the news that Chad has found a girlfriend and has admitted the two are officially a couple. Johnson revealed he has been dating model Zoe Baron for a few months. Chad said, “We’ve been dating off and on I think two or three months, and [became] official, I think two weeks ago.”

Chad says the two connected for dinner and drinks after Zoe made the first move by contacting him via email. While their relationship is still fairly new, it looks like Chad and Zoe are doing great so far. Chad says, “On a scale of one to happy, I’m happy.”

When u & bae accidentally match

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US Weekly also reported on the new couple and shared further details into their relationship. The popular news outlet revealed Zoe’s initial contact with Chad was to obtain fitness advice from the gym guru. Johnson was known throughout his days on The Bachelorette for his daily fitness routines and use of supplements.

Chad and Zoe have not yet spoken those three little words to one another just yet, however, the two reportedly share frequent, very affectionate text messages to one another. Could Zoe be the one for Chad? Only time will tell if these two can make things work out long term.

Although things are looking up for Johnson in the romance department, Chad apparently has not changed all his bad boy ways. Chad decided recently to have some fun with one of the contestants from Rachel Lindsay’s current season of The Bachelorette. Lucas Yancey, also known as Whaboom, was Chad’s latest victim. Johnson reportedly trademarked the phrase Whaboom so Lucas could not do so himself.

Johnson said, “I watched to see if Lucas, the Whaboom guy, got kicked off, and when he didn’t get kicked off, I trademarked his Whaboom. Then I realized that by the time the trademark actually kicked in, it was like three or four months, he’d probably be off the show by then and no one would care.” Chad refunded the money and backed out of the trademark after thinking it through.

This isn’t the first time Chad has pulled a fast one over on some of the contestants. Last year Chad had trademarked the domain names of several contestants on The Bachelorette so the internet traffic would be redirected to his own social media site.

Now that Chad has found a woman of his own, Johnson is even offering up some advice to his former cast mates, Derek Peth and Robby Hayes, who are headed to Bachelor in Paradise this summer. Chad said, “Don’t get drunk, try and be yourself, try and be aggressive, you gotta go for what you want.” Johnson followed up with, “And don’t be rowdy.”

Staring contest. Pumpkin loses.

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Paradise won’t have Chad to cause drama among friends this summer, but there are still a few known trouble makers heading to Mexico in search of love. Corrine Olympios and Taylor Nolan are both going to be on Season 4. Will they clash and cause problems like they did during The Bachelor?

While fans now know the show was not a success for Johnson, don’t miss Chad’s appearance on Famously Single premiering July 10. Bachelor in Paradise will be premiering in August on ABC.

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