Fredrik Eklund Hints Luis D. Ortiz Misses The ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ Fame

Fredrik Eklund has been filming Million Dollar Listing: New York since the show premiered on Bravo six seasons ago, and fans immediately fell in love with him. He was a tall guy from Sweden, who had an odd dinosaur-looking kick. He had no problem being emotional on screen, and he frequently wanted to help others get to the top. When Luis D. Ortiz joined the show, he was completely opposite. He was short, had a sense of humor and didn’t take things too seriously. Even though things weren’t always easy between them, they have truly become great friends. And after Luis left the show behind last year, Fredrik revealed that they stayed in touch even though Ortiz had moved to Paris, France.

According to a new Bravo report, Fredrik Eklund mentioned that they have actually become great friends. Even though Ortiz packed his bags, left the show behind, and moved to Paris, Eklund revealed that they do FaceTime one another and Luis congratulated him on this new season of the show. Fredrik Eklund opened up to The Daily Dish about his former co-star, Luis, revealing that he might actually miss the show and the fame that comes with filming such a popular show.

“The thing is with Luis and why we all love him so much, the audience loves him, he has this ability to just be so warm and loving. He’s looking through that little screen, and he’s like, ‘Papi, this is a big day for you, and I love you, and I want you to enjoy every moment of it,'” Fredrik revealed about his former co-star, adding, “I know he’s saying it to me, and yet, he wants to be here. And it’s hard for him. He’s so generous with those words. I think he misses all of this. He decided not to do the show. So yeah, that’s Luis in a nutshell.”

However, it sounds like they aren’t letting Luis go so quickly. Fredrik Eklund and Ryan Serhant will travel to Paris, France later this season with a new agent, Steve Gold, to visit Luis. Plus, Ortiz actually comes back to New York to surprise the agents.

“It’s good that he’s in this season,” Ryan teased to The Daily Dish about Luis, adding, “I don’t know when he pops up in terms of how they edit it all together, but he definitely pops up a bunch of times, so it’s fun.”

And fans that have viewed the previews for Million Dollar Listing: New York have seen Fredrik being surprised that Luis literally pops up behind him while he’s filming a confessional interview.

“He does literally pop up. I was in the interview, and I had no idea,” Fredrik said, adding, “And all of a sudden, he popped out from behind [there], literally.”

It is very surprising to hear that Fredrik believes Luis misses the show. While Ortiz might not have said the words himself, Eklund is convinced that his former co-star understands the gravity of being on such a popular show. Plus, these agents are paid to share their lives, and one can imagine that they get thousands of dollars for each season. Maybe he also misses the paycheck, as he has left the entire industry behind; possibly leaving millions of dollars on the table. Don’t expect Fredrik or Ryan to leave the show voluntarily, as they both look like they are thriving on this popular real-estate show.

What do you think of Fredrik Eklund’s comments about his former co-star, Luis D. Ortiz? Do you think they will remain great friends as they have Million Dollar Listing: New York in common?

[Featured Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]