'General Hospital' Spoilers: Spencer Faces Danger, Maxie And Nathan Announce Plans, And Darby Shakes Things Up For Dillon And Morgan

What is coming up on Thursday's episode of General Hospital? Spoilers reveal that Maxie and Nathan will be making a decision about their wedding as Claudette is stunned by an encounter with Griffin. Valentin is in Port Charles and will make a big move related to Spencer, and teasers detail that viewers will not want to miss the August 4 show.

As everybody saw on Wednesday's show, Maxie confronted Claudette about still being in town, and Nathan pushed Maxie to agree to get married immediately. Claudette was waiting to be seen by a doctor for her fake injury, and she was stunned to see Griffin walk through the door. Fans have been figuring that Griffin was the man in bed with Claudette when Nathan caught her and shot the man, and it looks like this theory is about to finally be confirmed.

General Hospital spoilers from We Love Soaps tease that Maxie and Nathan will be sharing big news about their wedding during Thursday's episode, but previews also show her voicing concern over his desire to get married so quickly, seemingly rushing to the altar. Will she agree to get married immediately, or will they simply decide to set a date that is not too far down the road? How will his ex-wife figure into these plans?

Valentin seduced Nina and GH spoilers detail that the two will share an awkward moment or two after their intimate encounter. He will note that he hopes she isn't having second thoughts about their frisky romp, and previews make it seem that Nina is pretty delighted with all that transpired. What exactly is Valentin's interest in Nina specifically, and where will things head next for these two?

Morgan made a bold decision regarding his relationship with Kiki in that he worked with Lucy to pick out a place for the two of them to live together without running it by Kiki first. She was pretty stunned by this, and General Hospital spoilers share that she will confront Morgan about potentially being off of his medications. She is worried that he is having a manic episode, and chances are that he will be fairly upset with her after she brings it up.

Darby contacted Dillon and said that she needed to see him immediately, and GH spoilers note that he will be getting some bad news from her. As Soap Central shares, Dillon will soon connect with Morgan to share something with him as well, and it seems as if this is likely related to the Darby situation.

Just what is the news that Dillon gets and how does it relate to Morgan? While some might first guess that she is pregnant, the timing might be a stretch for that to be the case. Instead, the buzz is that she may reveal she has a little medical issue with a sexually transmitted disease that could impact both men.

Spencer left a message for Nikolas, but since Valentin has the boy's phone now, he intercepted the message. GH spoilers tease that someone will approach Spencer at his drama camp, said to be a relative, and this encounter is headed toward dangerous territory. The supposed visitor is surely Valentin and it seems that he may try to take Spencer with him.

From the sounds of things, Valentin may tell Spencer that he will take him to Nikolas, as General Hospital spoilers seem to indicate that Spencer may be anxious to head off with this newfound relative. However, Sonny is said to end up intervening during Friday's show to keep Valentin from taking the boy.

Jason, Sam, and the others will make it back to Port Charles during this next episode, and they will all have a lot of catching up to do. General Hospital spoilers note that Sam will quickly find out about what happened between Julian and Alexis while Sonny will be questioning Lulu as he can tell she is hiding something. Will she tell him about the remains she saw and how she suspects that they may be Luke's? In addition, Lulu and Dante will head to the station to ensure that Jason is cleared.

Will Maxie embrace the idea of getting married right away? Will Morgan explode after Kiki questions him? How far will Valentin go with his schemes in Port Charles and his plans to get closer to Spencer? General Hospital spoilers tease that things will be getting wild and viewers will not want to miss a minute of the action.

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