Kelly Ripa And Ryan Seacrest On The Rocks Already? Seacrest Reportedly Miserable In NYC

Ryan Seacrest looks happy in his new co-hosting gig with Kelly Ripa, but things are reportedly different outside of the show. Inside sources told Radar Online that Seacrest is miserable after moving to New York for Live with Kelly & Ryan. Is his working relationship with Ripa on the verge of disaster?

“Ryan is miserable,” a source revealed. “[Moving was] the biggest mistake of his life.”

Seacrest was living in Los Angeles before getting the opportunity to co-host Live. The former American Idol host still hasn’t adjusted to the new city, and his busy schedule is more demanding than ever. As a result, Seacrest is quickly becoming reclusive and hasn’t been spotted enjoying himself in the Big Apple.

“He hasn’t embraced the city and hasn’t been going out to the restaurants or parties,” the source added. “He’s invited to almost every event every night and doesn’t go! He’s such an LA guy and is finding NYC tough. The weather and the hustle of the city is too much.”

Given his rumored distaste for New York, the source claims Seacrest loves flying back to Los Angeles whenever he gets free time. Unfortunately, Seacrest has to remain in New York all week long to film the day time talk show, which only the leaves the weekend for his L.A. getaways.

To make matters worse, ratings for Live have slowly declined over the past few weeks. Despite the drop in ratings, Gossip Cop reports that Ripa is not worried about the future of the show. While sources revealed that ABC executives are beginning to question their decision to hire Seacrest, a network insider says that everyone is happy with how things are going.

According to Fox News, Kelly Ripa fears another betrayal if ABC hires Seacrest to host the reboot of American Idol. The networked acquired the rights of the hit singing competition and is expected to premiere a new season next year. They haven’t announced Seacrest as the new host, but he is currently in negotiations, which doesn’t bode well for Ripa.

“She doesn’t want a repeat of the Michael Strahan situation. It’s like ABC is once again diluting the attention on Live. She wants to make sure her show is Ryan’s first priority, not Idol,” an insider revealed.

The source added that the American Idol gig was actually part of Seacrest’s original contract with the network. He allegedly took the co-hosting position on Live so that he could host American Idol in 2018.

“That’s untrue. He does not have a deal with Idol,” a rep for Seacrest clarified. “He’s in conversations. His Live deal was made independent of any Idol discussion. His priority is Live with Kelly & Ryan and his radio show.”

Ryan Seacrest is all set to return as the host of American Idol 2017..
Ryan Seacrest is all set to return as the host of American Idol 2017. [Image by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

Even if Seacrest has his priorities in order, it will be difficult making room in his busy schedule for another hosting job. Along with co-hosting Live with Ripa, Seacrest has his own radio show and produces reality TV shows.

Whatever happens in the coming months, the source confirmed that Ripa is aware of the situation. The network apparently learned from their mistake last year when Strahan left and is keeping Ripa informed of the situation as it develops. As far as Seacrest is concerned, the insider assured fans that he is fully committed to Live and is thrilled to live in New York.

“He’s not going to do anything to jeopardize Live,” the insider stated. “He has a long-term commitment to the show.”

Seacrest has not confirmed his involvement in the new season of American Idol.

New episodes of Live with Kelly & Ryan air weekdays on ABC.

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