New York Road Rage Attack Results In Death Of Senior Center Volunteer

According to the Washington Post, Chun Man "Vincent" Tse, a 68-year-old man from New York, was on his way to a senior center in Queens when a fender bender on a busy street just one block away from the center resulted in his death. However, it was not the fender bender that led to the death of this man from New York, but a bout of road rage which resulted in his inability to make it to his volunteer shift on the afternoon of July 22.

After this New York fender bender occurred, the other driver proceeded to punch Vincent to the ground. This New York road rage attack resulted in Vincent being left on the ground with a brain hemorrhage and a pair of black eyes. Vincent was unconscious when police arrived at the scene and found him on the ground.

New York road rage causes man to die
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The victim of the New York road rage attack passed away on Saturday after spending a little more than a week in a coma at the Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center. The family of this man from New York decided to press murder charges against the other driver. The family and officials are also questioning whether the driver's sister attempted to cover up what her brother had done after the fender bender and bout of road rage.

"I had a chance to see Mr. Tse the day before he passed and I can't even describe the feeling," New York Assemblyman Ron Kim said on Wednesday.

"I could only think, it could have easily been my father or any of our fathers or grandfathers, and I think that's what many are feeling in the community."

Cleamon Anderson, the 44-year-old driver from New York, was arrested in connection with the road rage assault the day it happened according to the police. The New York Daily News reports the man suspected of this road rage attack was then released on a $50,000 bail.

Robin Anderson Scott, the sister of the driver, is still being questioned to determine whether or not she lied to police about how the attack happened. Initially, the New York driver's sister claims there was not a road rage attack. She said Tse had slipped and fallen. Police, however, have reviewed a video which proves that is not what happened.

The New York Daily News made an effort to reach out to the NYPD to get a statement regarding the status of the New York driver's sister. The NYPD declined to give a statement.

In the video footage in the dash cam of the victim of this New York road rage, both Tsu and Anderson can be seen using their photos to take pictures of the vehicle. Both are making hand gestures towards their vehicle. While the video is not audible, it is apparent the two are having a very heated exchange about the fender bender.

The men eventually move out of the frame, and Tse never reappears. While the dash cam does not show the road rage attack, police later obtained a surveillance video from a building nearby that shows Anderson punch Tse to the ground. A photo of Tse was taken shortly after the road rage attack. He was unconscious on a stretcher with a pair of swollen black eyes. Doctors attempted to perform surgery in order to relieve the swelling on the New York man's brain. However, the family was informed he had a slim chance of surviving the road rage attack.

The victim of this road rage attack from New York is being described as "a very easy going person." He immigrated with his two children and his wife from Hong Kong back in 1993. He worked as a carpenter for a Chinese renovation company in order to support his family. He was known as a fabulous cook who cooked for the Benjamin Rosenthal Prince Innovative Senior Center in Flushing for a number of years.

What do you think should happen to the driver who committed this senseless act of violence? Do you think the sister, who lied about the New York road rage attack, should also be liable?

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