Woman Discovers Husband-To-Be Is Gay, Writes Raw eBay 1.35-Carat Diamond Ring Pitch, Gets 30K Facebook Likes

It’s not every day that an eBay listing for a used item for sale gets a lot of attention, but that’s what is happening to this listing named “1.35ct White Gold Engagement Ring Marquise Cut” by eBay user laurwhitehurs_0. With more than two days left on the auction, which is scheduled to last a total of 10 days, the eBay listing has gotten two bids thus far. The most recent bid on the ring as of this writing is 4,600 British Pounds, which equals $5,953.62.

The eBay listing begins with the seller explaining that she was engaged to be married, but suddenly her husband-to-be began spending too much time with his friend, Brad. The humor in her eBay listing shines through as she describes the buff-looking Brad with his great sense of fashion.

“And you’re like, ‘Hey, it’s okay, Brad’s a great guy. He’s pretty buff and he’s a laugh and his fashion sense is amazing.'”

However, the eBay listing’s description takes a wild turn when she describes her husband-to-be staying out all night, only to arrive at the home they bought together walking weirdly at 4 p.m. the following day.

“Wow! It must have been a wild one since he can’t walk straight anymore. They must have had a lot of good, clean fun together.”

The couple was in deep together, she writes on eBay, describing how they not only bought a house together but a dog as well. In photos of the eBay listing for the sale of the ring, a pug can be seen, looking forlornly at the ring. After she “skint” herself into ruin from being in love, the eBay seller wrote about a tragic discovery that broke her heart. According to Trendolizer, the eBay listing has gotten nearly 30,000 likes thus far. And it’s no wonder, with tales of finding pink heels and a blonde wig and a dress that weren’t hers among their belongings.

“But then, whilst unpacking, you find a pair of bright pink stilettos in a size 11 and a long blonde wig and a dress in size Large and a pair of white stockings, all of which definitely are not yours but have been worn and you think, ‘Okay, well it could be for Halloween’, but it’s March?”

The coup de grace was when her husband-to-be no longer wanted to have sex with the woman who described herself as having an enviable body.

“And then your fiance stops wanting to have sex with you despite the fact you have a great rack and an a** that Kim K would insure for £8million by mistaking it for her own and you’re wondering what is wrong with you and why has he shaved his b**ls tonight if not to spend the night with you? In answer to all these questions, here I am.”

As a result of the melee, the eBay listing has gone viral, but the couple still live together due to the need for money. As the eBay seller wonders aloud how many other men she has turned gay, gorges on ice cream with her dog, and screams at the ceiling, her heartbreakingly humorous listing continues to go viral.

The beautiful ring picked by Brad, whom she credits as having great taste, is now for sale because of the seller’s “failure to grow a penis,” as she puts it. Still in possession of the receipt and ring box, the woman wrote that she subconsciously knew she’d be in the position of writing a viral eBay tale on a Friday afternoon. The money from the sale of the ring will be used to fix up her house so that she can sell it and move out. Meanwhile, Brad and his lover will likely live happily ever after.

The 27-year-old wraps up her post with her desires to find love again.

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]