‘General Hospital’ Spoilers June 8: Alex/Anna Double Trouble, Ava’s Justice, Curtis’ Aunt Despises Jordan

Victoria WillVictoria Will

It’s recently been a bit of a rough time for ABC’s daytime soap, General Hospital. Ratings have persistently fallen and two long time writers, Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman are said to be leaving the General Hospital writing team. With increased pressure from ABC’s executives to pull the show’s ratings up, Jean Passanante has taken to tussling on Twitter with General Hospital fans instead.

But Passanante got a compassionate response to her leaving the show from veteran General Hospital actress Tonja Walker, who plays Olivia.

And Jean Passanante seems to be at peace about her performance while writing for General Hospital.

Nevertheless, the show must go on, and loyal fans will be pleased to know that the General Hospital storylines are indeed heating up. What with Sam (Kelly Monaco) suffering from a mysterious, potentially deadly mental illness, who knows what’s going to happen to a General Hospital favorite and her family.

But let’s take a look ahead at the General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, June 8. Some of us thought we were done with a particular storyline. However, it seems we may have been wrong, and it’s only just beginning.

Twin Turmoil

The fact that Alex got arrested and deported so quickly seemed to be a suspiciously rapid end to a General Hospital storyline that has much potential for a perfect soap opera device of tricky twins. But there are hints that Alex will be coming back to Port Charles as Anna (also Finola Hughes) has gotten out of prison and has not been detected since.

Valentine (James Patrick Stuart), is bound to receive a mysterious visitor at the Port Charles Police Department, but will he know it’s Alex? In the meantime, Anna will find out about something that is going to make her very uneasy. Anna wants to prevent Valentine from taking the fall for the crime he committed. Will his life be ruined again? And what could Alex’s modus operandi possibly be?

Ava’s Justice

Elsewhere in General Hospital, Nelle (Chloe Lanier) seems to be making a real recovery, and may soon be discharged. This, in turn, makes Michael (Chad Duell) euphoric. She also seems to be completely at ease with letting Michael take care of her and revealed her cunning side once more after she had a go at Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman).

Nelle is Carly’s only hope of exposing Ava (Maura West) for switching Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) pills, but Carly (Laura Wright) can’t be sure Nelle will be willing to help her. Nelle has been showing signs that she wants to fix their relationship, so perhaps Nelle will help Carly after all. However, trouble is brewing further down the line when Carly finds out that Nelle has been closing in on Michael with romantic intentions.

Will Michael tell Nelle how angry he is with Ava? She did kill his brother, after all, and he’ll likely be seeking justice. The two of them are getting closer.

On the other hand, things might look up for Carly’s romantic life, as there have been hints that General Hospital’s “CarSon” may reunite down the line. Sonny (Maurice Bernard) and Carly have been very distant since Morgan passed away, and Sonny is determined to see Ava suffer even more from her injuries. Carly, however, agrees with Michael that justice would be a better fate for Ava.

Ava is in enough pain as is, and Kiki (Hayley Erin), who is working at General Hospital now, is finding it very hard to come to terms with what her mother did. She’s feeling incredibly guilty about Morgan’s death, but Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) is on hand to comfort her. Will Kiki have to take care of Ava in General Hospital?

No matter how hard Dillon tries, Kiki would prefer it if he just left her alone. The more Morgan’s death eats away at her, the more she takes it out on Dillon. Is Dillon prepared to be her punching bag?

Aunt Stella Is A Thorn In Jordan’s Side

Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) meets TJ (Tequan Richmond) at Perks for coffee. She is elated about the fact that she has made her relationship with Curtis (Donnell Turner) official. However, TJ is not too thrilled for Curtis because Jordan is known for being promiscuous and disloyal to her men.

Aunt Stella (Vernee Watson), meanwhile, gives Curtis a piece of her mind and makes it very clear that she does not approve of Jordan. In fact, she intensely dislikes her. Curtis tries to defend Jordan, but Aunt Stella is having none of it. What will Aunt Stella do once she finds out Curtis and Jordan are already a couple?

Be sure to tune into ABC’s General Hospital every weekday to see how many plot bombs are going to drop on Port Charles.

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