U.K. 2017 General Election Live Results: Find Up-To-The-Minute Vote Totals From Thursday’s Election

The U.K. 2017 general election voting has started, and those looking to follow live results will have plenty of options to find up-to-date voting results.

Voters across the United Kingdom will turn out for the first snap election in four decades, one that had been announced by Prime Minister Theresa May in April. At the time of the announcement, May’s Conservatives held a 20-point lead in the polls and looked a lock to be returned, but in the weeks that followed the polls have tightened considerably.

Polls will close at 10 p.m. local time on Thursday, with the results coming in the hours that follow. Most areas will declare results between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. on Friday and the final totals are expected by 1 p.m. on Friday. Options for live results of the U.K. 2017 general election can be found below.

Ahead of the U.K. 2017 election results, the final set of polls showed something of a rebound for Conservatives after Labour closed what was once a considerable gap. Theresa May’s Conservatives party ended with an average of 43 percent in the Telegraph‘s poll tracker, while Labour fell three points to end at 36.5 percent.

The Telegraph’s report noted that going into Election Day, May was expected to gain up to 45 seats in Parliament thanks to a strong showing in the North of England and Scotland. But earlier polls had a much higher gain for May’s party.

“If the race continues to tighten in the remaining days and the poll results are replicated on election day, Theresa May could be on course for a much smaller majority than anticipated,” the report claimed.

But as FiveThirtyEight noted, there was plenty of uncertainty going into the U.K. 2017 general election. Just like the U.S. presidential election in November, there was still a great deal of volatility in polling even if many of the pundits seemed to predict the same results.

“There’s a similar set of scenarios in play for the U.K. general election, which is taking place on Thursday. Conservatives lead by an average of 6 to 7 percentage points in recent polls, but with a wide range — anywhere from a 3-point Labour lead in one survey to a 13-point Conservative lead in another. Some of these polls were conducted partly or wholly before the terror attack in London on Saturday, but it’s not clear what effect the attack has had, with polls differing on whether the Conservative lead is rebounding and expanding slightly or instead continuing to narrow.”

There are indications that there could be a large turnout for Thursday’s vote. The Independent reported that there were a record number of people who signed up to vote on the registration deadline, with 600,000 people added to the election rolls in the final 24 hours.

The report noted that a total of 622,398 applications were received, topping the previous final-day record of 525,254 just before the E.U. referendum last summer.

The surge in new voters should theoretically help the Labour Party, Dr. Caitlin Milazzo, politics professor at the University of Nottingham, told The Independent. But it doesn’t always work out that way, Milazzo added.

“If all those voters actually vote, obviously it helps Labour a lot,” she said.

“But it is easier to register to vote than it is to check the electoral roll, so a lot of people may already be registered to vote. We don’t actually know how many of those people are new voters.”

Those who want to follow live results of the U.K. 2017 general election can click here for an interactive map from the Belfast Telegraph. The Guardian will also be offering a live results app that gives alerts for national as well as local races.

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