Jim Carrey Wrongful Death Lawsuit: Ex-Girlfriend’s Allegations That He Gave Her Multiple STDs Admissible

Actor and comedian Jim Carrey is dealing with more bad news related to the pending wrongful death trial brought forth by his late ex-girlfriend’s mother and estranged husband. Carrey is currently facing two wrongful death lawsuits related to the 2015 suicide of former girlfriend Cathriona White. According to Brigid Sweetman, White’s mother, Jim Carrey provided drugs to her daughter (which were later used in her suicide) and shamed her when she confronted him about her STDs (which the actor allegedly transmitted to White).

Mark Burton, the estranged husband of Jim Carrey’s deceased ex-girlfriend, also claims in his separate wrongful death lawsuit that Carrey provided the drugs that White used to end her life. The duo are set to face Jim Carrey in court on April 26, 2018, reports Daily Mail.

Jim Carrey and his legal team had attempted to squash all mention of STDs (including allegations that Carrey had infected Cathriona White before she ended her life) prior to the wrongful death trial heading to court. However, documents reportedly obtained by Daily Mail have uncovered that a Los Angeles judge has ruled against Carrey and his lawyers.

In his motion to strike, Jim Carrey argued that the plaintiffs’ claims that he had transmitted multiple STDs to his ex-girlfriend were not relevant. He added that the shocking allegations included private medical information and were “scandalous and abusive.”

On May 31, the judge presiding over the Jim Carrey wrongful death trial ruled that it would be next to impossible to try the case without considering the evidence related to STD transmission. What’s more, she added that Carrey’s privacy woes weren’t the primary concern of the court and do no supersede the legal claims put forth by Cathriona White’s mother and estranged husband.

According to the wrongful death lawsuit and allegations against Carrey, the actor transmitted multiple STDs to White over the course of their on-again, off-again three-year relationship. Brigid Sweetman claims that when her daughter confronted Jim Carrey of infected her, he called her a “whore” and shamed her.

Mark Burton claims that his estranged wife had undergone STD testing before she became sexually involved with Carrey and that she was free from sexually transmitted infections at that time.

Allegedly, a week after sleeping with Carrey White underwent a repeat STD screening and found that she was infected with Herpes I, Herpes II, and gonorrhea.

The judge’s ruling regarding the allegations of STD transmission could have a massive impact on the Jim Carrey wrongful death lawsuit. Under established California law, knowingly infecting someone with an STD is a recognized basis for legal action and can expose the person doing the infection to “intentional infliction of emotional distress” charges. Willfully exposing a significant other (or anyone else) to an STD can also be legally pertinent to determining the contributing factors of a suicide.

Brigid Sweetman has further alleged in her wrongful death lawsuit against Carrey that the comedian gave Cathriona White the cocktail of prescription drugs that she used to end her life. Carrey has repeatedly and vehemently denied those charges, claiming that White stole the Ambien, Percocet, and Propranolol from him. If it is determined that Jim Carrey did provide the drugs, it would potentially be a violation of the Drug Dealer Liability Act.

The lawsuit against Carrey alleges that the actor even went so far as to send text messages to his already deceased girlfriend to cover up the fact that he provided her with the fatal dose of drugs.

In addition to asking the court to toss out his accusers’ STD transmission allegations, Jim Carrey and his attorneys also asked the judge to strike the plaintiffs’ allegations that he’d backed out of paying for White’s funeral expenses. With regard to that allegation, the judge also ruled against Carrey and in favor of the plaintiffs.

Despite his recent laundry list of courtroom setbacks, Jim Carrey has maintained that the wrongful death lawsuit brought against him by his late ex-girlfriend’s family member is nothing more than their attempt to capitalize on her tragic, untimely death. Carrey has also publicly claimed that neither plaintiff was close to Cathriona White at the time of her suicide.

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