Do Not Eat This Type Of Pizza From Papa John’s – Former Employee Explains Why

Known for its unique type of pizza toppings, Papa John’s has become one of the most popular chains in the United States. Celebrating its 33rd year in October, the company runs its business to stay true to the motto of “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” With over 4,700 locations spanning nearly 40 countries, owner John Schnatter took a vision that started with selling pizzas out of a broom closet, to having a company with a revenue of nearly $1.5 billion.

Schnatter told Entrepreneur that his desire to be in the pizza business started from washing dishes at a local pizza place in Jefferson, Indiana, to developing a keen sense of understanding when being moved over to making pizzas instead.

“Where we made pizzas was right where we washed dishes. Right next to it. So, if we made the pizza right, the plate came back empty. And if I didn’t make the pizza right, the plate came back half eaten and they didn’t take it with them.”

As a result, Schnatter cultivated his desire to make this vision successful and opened his first Papa John’s in 1985, then franchised his first location a year later. The company looks to be going strong, as revenue is increasing. With flavors which include Tuscan Six Cheese, Tropical Luau, Spicy Italian, Hawaiian BBQ Chicken, and the newly-released Bacon Cheddarburger, the unique choices continue to bring in customers.

While the company continues to leave a positive impression to many customers, there are others who would review the company in a more negative light. One employee, specifically, had this to expose about a certain flavor of pizza.

According to Food & Wine, a former manager went to Reddit to expose the nature and maintenance of the Spinach Alfredo pizza. Donning the username of sikkerhet, this former employee went into detail regarding why customers should not choose this particular kind. Based on the information released, this type is not ordered very often. This means that although the sauce quickly spoils due to sitting out for long periods of time without consumption, it is still put on the pizza.

The former manager had this to add about the Spinach Alfredo pizza.

“Papa John’s has a spinach alfredo sauce that’s delicious, but only gets ordered maybe once a week, and it hits its sell by date three days after you open the bag. But no one actually throws it out until it’s either gone or nasty looking.”

As far as how the piece of pie tastes, pizza reviewers over at Serious Eats state that while it delivers on the alfredo flavor, the expectation of larger pieces of spinach was unfortunately not met. Overall, according to the review site, “It tastes like a spinach dip blanketed with a layer of mozzarella,” has a frozen spinach flavor, and one review went as far as saying it is “not even good in a bad good way.”

As experienced with ever other pizza companies, some favor one kind of pizza type, while others favor another. Regardless, the health concerns of the Spinach Alfredo option may be serious enough for some people to change their choice of favorite. Since it gears more towards the pro-veggie crowd, there are plenty of other options to choose from.

The pro-meat crowd is not totally out of the clear, either. According to the former employee, the “John’s Favorite” pizza, which consists of “pepperoni, sausage, a six-cheese blend and Italian seasoning” according to the menu, is an option that also should be avoided. This one is not because of expired ingredients still being placed on the pie. Instead, as the former manager puts it, “It’s just grease on top of grease.”

[Featured Image by Ross Dettman/AP Images]