Former United States Champion Posts Cryptic Tweets, Is He Leaving Vince McMahon’s Company Forever?

Former two-time United States Champion Rusev hasn’t been seen on WWE television in a number of months due to injury, but he’s making a lot of people think it will be a lot longer. The “Bulgarian Brute” has been out since May due to having surgery, and his debut on SmackDown Live was rumored to be coming soon, but the wrestling world is still without him. Now, some of his most recent tweets have a lot of wrestling fans thinking he is done with Vince McMahon’s company.

After the Superstar Shake-Up in early April, Rusev was moved from Monday Night Raw to SmackDown Live, but he has yet to make his debut. At the time, as reported by Sportskeeda, Rusev was still out of action due to a shoulder injury, which required surgery and kept him off of the card for WrestleMania 33.

Before going out with the injury, Rusev really wasn’t doing a whole lot on Raw, and he wasn’t involved in anything worthwhile. He had been placed in a tag team with Jinder Mahal, which never amounted to much, and then, he was squashed at Fastlane by Big Show.

Now, the question isn’t when he will make his SmackDown Live debut, but is Rusev ever going to return to WWE at all?

rusev tweet thank you smackdown live lana vince mcmahon leave retire injury return
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Wrestling Inc. has now pointed out that Rusev, who is very active on Twitter, has posted a rather cryptic tweet, and no one knows what it is about. There are plenty of people guessing as to what it may mean, but he hasn’t really said anything about it.

Yes, it is simply a tweet of him thanking himself with a hashtag he created. Maybe, he’s bored and just wanted to see if it would trend or perhaps it is his way of telling the wrestling world and WWE fans that he’s leaving.

That was on the morning of June 6, and later that night, he decided to make another tweet. He let fans know that he had finished “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” but there was much more to read into it all.

So, he’s going to have “so much time to read now anyways”? What on earth is that even supposed to be mean? When it comes to the Internet Wrestling Community, cryptic tweets like this one are only going to fuel rumors and get people wondering what is actually going to happen.

rusev tweet thank you smackdown live lana vince mcmahon leave retire injury return
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The interesting thing here is that Rusev’s former tag team partner has received a huge push as Jinder Mahal won the WWE Championship last month. Rusev’s real-life fiance Lana made her SmackDown Live debut last night, and she has a title match against Naomi at Money In The Bank later this month.

This is just a really strange turn of events, and it could end up being nothing, but Rusev is truly making it seem as if he is parting ways with WWE. Of course, fans could be reading much more into it all than there really is, but the former U.S. Champion isn’t helping matters with his tweets.

Despite being a mega heel throughout his time on WWE’s main roster, the fans love to see Rusev as he makes for one of the more entertaining superstars in the company. Even if the company keeps him and Lana split up, no one wants to see him gone for good. It could be that he simply wanted to get the #ThankYouRusev hashtag trending because he’s bored from sitting out due to injury. No matter what, more should be known soon about the SmackDown Live star and his status with the promotion.

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