Will Bill Murray’s Next Role Be BBQ Dad?

A new story that is going viral has just taken an interesting update. Earlier, the Inquisitr posted about a group of college students who set up a Spokane, Washington Craigslist ad inviting qualified men to serve as “BBQ Dad” for their Father’s Day cookout. The story spread across social media networks, has been picked up by major news outlets, and has sparked public interest. Now there’s a new twist. According to a recent report by the Today Show, the group has now sent out a specific invitation to the Oscar-nominated comedic actor, Bill Murray. The group, led by Dane Anderson, believes that Murray would be the perfect barbecue dad to perform fatherly duties during their cookout. Today reported the following when they asked one of the students involved, Taylor Wright, why they invited Bill Murray.

“Why not Bill Murray? He is the quintessential generic father figure that we all were looking for.”

The original Craigslist ad lists qualifications for the generic dad whom they hope will serve as grillmaster at their June 17, 2017, Father’s Day cookout. According to the post, the bbq dad must have been a father for at least 18 years, have at least 10-years experience grilling, be willing to grill while drinking beer, agree to be paid for his barbecuing duties in beer, will provide his own grill for the barbecue, and will address the attendees with his choice of “Champ”, “Sport”, “Big Guy” and “Chief.”

Bill Murray meets the criteria for the role of barbecue dad as he is the father of six children. He also has a history of impromptu and spontaneous moments that go viral. Check out the Telegraph’s article about eight things Bill Murray has done. The Telegraph reported the following.

“From 2007 onwards, he began turning his public appearances into a kind of performance art; a Marina Abramovic for liquored-up hipsters. He drunkenly crashed a stolen golf cart in Stockholm; he attended a student party in St Andrews, and did the washing up; he dived behind the bar at a film festival and served drinks with the Wu-Tang Clan; an entire website – billmurraystory.com – is devoted to tales of him crashing karaoke parties, joining kick-abouts in the park, and appearing from nowhere in restaurants to steal chips from a plate, before departing with the words ‘No one will ever believe you.'”

With Murray’s reputation for living in the moment, it seems more likely he would drop in on a barbecue he was passing by rather than attend one that was planned, but you never know what the actor will do. There’s no question with the buzz this story is getting and new reports that they want Bill Murray to serve as barbecue dad, people are going to hold out hope that Murray will take the guys up on their offer and grill a few hot dogs, hamburgers, and toss back a few celebratory beers.

Bill Murray is a much beloved and admired actor who is one of the Saturday Night Live alumni to enjoy a successful film career. With cult classics such as Meatballs, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, and Groundhog Day under his belt, many were surprised by Murray’s serious acting chops. Bill Murray is far more than a comedic actor which he proved in films such as “St. Vincent,Olive Kitteridge,” “Ed Wood,” “The Royal Tenenbaums,” and “Lost in Translation” for which he was given the Best Actor Oscar nomination.

An interesting aspect of the Craigslist ad reads as follows.

“THIS IS A REAL AD. Do not hesitate to call if you are interested. Preference will be given to applicants named Bill, Randy, or Dave.”

It’s unknown if the guys already had Bill Murray in mind when they posted the ad.

What do you think of Bill Murray taking on the role of barbecue dad? Feel free to leave your comments and opinions in the section below.

[Featured Image by Tony Duffy / Getty]