Sacramento Kings Considering Trading Up In The NBA Draft To Target De’Aaron Fox Or Markelle Fultz

The Sacramento Kings are looking at making a huge splash during the NBA draft, as the NBA rumor mill is churning out a couple of names. Not only is Kentucky guard De’Aaron Fox considered as one of the Kings’ targets, but now there are rumors regarding their interest in Washington’s Markelle Fultz. There is some growing speculation that the Sacramento Kings may explore trading up in the NBA draft to ensure that they get one of the sharpshooters.

De’Aaron Fox is reportedly getting some attention from the teams selecting in the top three. The team in the top three with what may be the most interest in Fox is the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers’ perceived attentiveness in Fox, which has resulted in a private workout (courtesy of CBS Sports) is forcing the Kings to contemplate a trade.

It is possible that the Sacramento Kings would have to deal at least one of their two first round picks, and quite possibly a player in order to move in the draft. The good news is that the Kings the pieces to move up if they feel the need to.

The Kings currently have the draft picks Nos. 5 and 10. The Kings can play the patient game and wait to see if Fox will fall to them at No. 5. They can also dangle their draft capital to see which team would not mind moving back a couple of spots. With the picks the Kings have, could they aim even higher in the draft?

De'Aaron Fox soars over the UCLA defense.
De'Aaron Fox is just as good of a slasher as he is a shooter. His ability to get to the basket was on full display in the NCAA tournament. [Image by Andy Lyons/Getty Images]

While De’Aaron Fox was wowing NBA scouts with his shot and ability to get to the basket at Kentucky, Markelle Fultz was shooting down the lights in Washington. For the Sacramento Kings, who want to emulate what the Golden State Warriors have done, shooting has become a priority. A draft day trade up until the top three would guarantee that the Kings have a shot at least one of them.

Last week, the Sacramento Bee cited that the Kings were in awe with De’Aaron Fox. It is something that makes sense because the Sacramento Kings need a young point guard to pair with shooting guard Buddy Hield in the backcourt.

According to a separate report from the Sacramento Bee, De’Aaron Fox had already worked out for the Kings a couple of days prior. Fox, again, has received interest from the Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers, which have the Nos. 2 and 3 picks respectively. Fox is expected to visit the Sixers soon, according to CBS Sports.

Markelle Fultz looks to take an opponent off the dribble.
The Sacramento Kings will reportedly bring Markelle Fultz in for a workout before the NBA draft. [Image by Christian Peterson/Getty Images]

There are reports that the Sacramento Kings have an interest in bringing Markelle Fultz for a visit. Fultz is rumored to be the top choice for the Boston Celtics who have the No. 1 pick.

Indecisiveness on the Celtics’ part may lead Fultz to take the Kings up on their request for a private workout, according to CSN New England. Markelle Fultz has to consider all of his options leading up to the NBA draft, especially if a trade takes place.

It is unlikely that the Sacramento Kings will be able to wrest the No. 1 pick from the Boston Celtics, who need another star player, not another rookie. Bringing in Fultz for a workout is a must as the Kings have to utilize due diligence. How this year’s NBA draft is setting up, some unpredictability is bound to take place.

The Sacramento Kings will watch the draft unfold then leverage the fifth pick to move into the top three. Look for the Philadelphia 76ers to be the Kings’ potential trade partner if De’Aaron Fox is on the board at No. 3.

The Kings could offer the 76ers the No. 5 pick and a future selection for the third pick. With that pick, the Kings would select De’Aaron Fox.

[Featured Image by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]