Kailyn Lowry Offered A Role On ‘Fear Factor,’ Will She Take It?

Kailyn Lowry may be almost eight months pregnant, but that hasn’t stopped television executives from trying to tempt her into more air time. Although the Teen Mom 2 star has already hinted that she’s got a spinoff in the works called Kail and the Chaos, the star was also recently offered a spot on the hit reality show Fear Factor.

The reality show star tweeted that she was incredibly excited to watch the new season, in which regular people, and sometimes reality stars, face their biggest fears for a grand prize. The show has been on television and then cancelled multiple times, but was recently picked up again by MTV. In this incarnation, it features a lot of people eating and lying with bugs, not to mention putting their faces near them.

“We’ll save you a spot if you ever decide to face your FEARS with us,” the TV show tweeted to the reality star.

She had recently written on her own Twitter, “I cannot wait to see the new Fear Factor, but I literally don’t know how anyone would sign up for this!”

However, as In Touch Weekly reported, it is certainly unlikely the star would sign up for the show, though she hasn’t confirmed or denied if she is thinking about it. Not only is she about to give birth to baby number three, but she’s revealed that this time, she’s going to be a single parent from the beginning. She’s also recently adopted another French bulldog named Gotti, gotten her BA degree, and is thinking about grad school. Additionally, she’s teased fans that she already has a new book in the works that she’s inked a deal with, and that she’s been writing it during her pregnancy with Baby Lo, the nickname for her unborn child. This new book will spill all of the juicy details about her fraught relationship with the father of the baby, Chris Lopez.

Kailyn Lowry shocked fans in February when she announced she was pregnant with her third baby. Fans were taken aback because she had previously stated she didn’t want any more children and was done with that chapter in her life. She had also just divorced from her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, when she said that not only was she pregnant, but that Javi wasn’t the baby’s father.


The soon-to-be mother of three has revealed that the father is Chris Lopez, a friend she met during her days at Delaware State University. Although she was planning to keep his identity secret because she wasn’t sure he would be involved in her child’s life, she spilled the beans after getting annoyed with speculation about the paternity of her child. She was especially annoyed with a website that suggested she didn’t know who the father of her child was and posted that she was taking a DNA test when she was simply doing an Ancestry DNA kit.

There are conflicting rumors about whether Kailyn Lowry is ready to jump back into the dating game.

“Kail doesn’t want to date anyone at all, doesn’t matter the gender,” one insider claimed about Kailyn.


However, there have been rumors that Kail and Chris Lopez have actually rekindled their romance in time for the baby’s delivery. This rumor started after Kail adopted her new Frenchie, Gotti. After she did so, Chris Lopez wrote, “Gotti gon be tough,” on his Twitter, but later deleted it. This led to speculation that the pair had gotten back together and had gotten a dog together, which clearly symbolizes serious commitment.

Kail, however, has not addressed any of these rumors about her current dating life and is simply focusing on the birth of her baby next month.

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