Craigslist Ad For Father’s Day ‘Barbecue Dad’ Sparks Emotional Response From Public

A new Craigslist ad for a Father’s Day barbecue BBQ dad has prompted readers to respond with a variety of emotional responses ranging from humor to sadness.

The ad posted by several friends in their 20s asks for a barbecue dad to fulfill fatherly duties on Father’s Day. The Craigslist ad requests the BBQ dad be proficient in grilling, talk about father-type things, and be able to perform duties while drinking beer. The post is listed as a job, and the barbecue dad would be paid in beer. Although some responded to the ad with humor, others found it sad. The posters specifically stated the ad was not a joke and that they are only interested in hearing from dads who have at least 18 years experience as a father and at least 10 years experience grilling.

A portion of the Craigslist post reads as follows.

“We will be throwing a backyard BBQ on June 17th to celebrate beer and each other. We range in age from 21-26, and while most of us know how to operate a grill, none of us are prepared to fill the role of ‘BBQ Dad’ That being said, we are in need of a generic father figure from 4 PM to about 8 PM (though you may stay the full duration of the party).”

The group hails from Spokane, Washington, and KHQ caught up with the ad’s poster, Dane Anderson. In an exclusive video interview, Anderson explained the reason why they posted the Craigslist ad.

“We just thought it would be a little better because we don’t really live with our fathers.”

The story is tugging on heartstrings across the nation. Although Anderson said that the guys are familiar with operating a grill, they really want a dad to be at the party. What is causing people to respond with sadness is Anderson stating that their dads are far away. While there are many fatherless households across the United States, it’s not common to see college students openly stating their need for a father figure.

One of the duties BBQ dad will have is to call the guys by endearing names such as “Big Guy,” “Chief,” “Sport,” and “Champ.” It’s unknown what the men’s personal relationships with their biological fathers are like, but the story is resonating with those who grew up in fatherless homes.

The story has been going viral on social media networks and has been covered by multiple news networks. When looking at the social media response to the story, there are many people responding with sad faces as opposed to the laughing emoji. Some people have left comments expressing concern for the guys’ safety as they fear a dangerous person might pose as a generic dad. Others remarked that Craigslist may not be the safest avenue to post a request like this. The comment was made that Angie’s List might be a safer alternative for finding a generic BBQ dad than Craigslist.

A few people felt the Craigslist ad was misguided, and instead of wanting to hire a BBQ dad for Father’s Day, the college students should have offered their services in a volunteer setting instead. One person suggested they visit nursing homes on Father’s Day as there would be plenty of older men missing their families and loved ones who would enjoy the visit.

The Chive reported the story and listed it under tags such as adulting and humor, indicating that the story is resonating in different ways with different people. What is clear is that this is a serious ad and wasn’t posted to be funny or humorous. Dane Anderson stated in the interview posted above that they have begun to receive email responses to the ad. We’ll provide you with an update on this story following Father’s Day weekend and let you know if the group hired someone to play the role of BBQ dad.

What do you think about this story? Do you find the Craigslist ad for a barbecue dad humorous or sad? Feel free to leave your comments and opinions in the section below.

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