Blogger Shows How To Recreate Kate Middleton’s Wardrobe At Affordable Price

Kate Middleton has many devoted fans who yearn to dress as she does, and now a British blogger has discovered that anyone can dress like the Duchess of Cambridge and for far less cost than people might think. Kate Middleton is known around the world as a fashion icon, and as soon as she is pictured in something others rush out to see if they can find it too. This has been called the Kate Middleton Effect, and it can make or break companies.

Kate Middleton is well known for using both high-end and low-end clothing in her wardrobe, and this is a huge appeal for many. For instance, the Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted numerous times over the past year wearing a favorite pair of wedge shoes from Monsoon, as the Inquisitr recently reported. She also appears to be quite keen on her white Superga trainers, a fact that has been widely reported in the press for weeks now.

With Kate Middleton’s style emulated by so many, 29-year-old Kate Urbanska decided to test the Kate Middleton Effect for herself and see if she could recreate the Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe. She started a blog called Great RepliKate and also has her own Instagram page with 27,000 followers.

Kate Middleton visiting Luxembourg on May 11, 2017.
Kate Middleton visiting Luxembourg on May 11, 2017. [Image by WPA Pool/Getty Images]

Kate Urbanska got hooked on dressing like Kate Middleton in 2012 and has explained that part of the appeal of the Duchess of Cambridge’s style is that Middleton creates trends rather than just following them.

“There was something about The Duchess’ style that instantly struck a chord with me. She never follows trends and she picks clothes that are comfortable, elegant and classic.”

How did this British blogger manage to dress just like Kate Middleton without a royal budget? Urbanska is a beautician and doesn’t have the resources that the Duchess of Cambridge has, but by employing many creative methods and strategies, this blogger found that she was still able to dress in either the same outfit that Kate Middleton had worn or something that was strikingly similar. She managed to do this at a much more affordable price than it would have been for Middleton too.

In one particular case, Urbanska found that she really fancied an L.K. Bennett dress that Kate Middleton had worn. This dress would normally have set the blogger back $400, but she managed to snag the dress for $188. On another occasion, she found an almost exact replica of a Naeem Khan dress that retails for $4,000, but managed to purchase the dress for a mere $50. What is this blogger’s trick to copying Kate Middleton’s wardrobe so well?

Kate Urbanska’s number one strategy for emulating Kate Middleton’s look is to join eBay and check the website constantly, as Insider reported. The British blogger explained that she logs onto eBay every day to find the same clothes that the Duchess of Cambridge has worn, and in this way, she finds that she can replicate Middleton’s wardrobe, but at a much smaller cost, as the Daily Mail noted.

“Rather than going for high-street replicas, I like to buy the exact high-end outfit the princess wore so I’m always looking for bargains. I check Ebay and online auctions daily so I can get the exact pieces Kate Middleton has worn without the hefty price tag. It doesn’t matter whether I’m on the bus or waiting in line for something, whenever I have a spare moment, I’m always checking the different sites.”

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If you can’t always find the Kate Middleton outfit that you want in shops or on eBay or other auction websites, Kate Urbanska’s solution to this is to find yourself a tailor. Alternatively, for those who understand the art of using a sewing machine, there is always that route too.

“Sometimes Kate wears a bespoke item or it’s just impossible to purchase one of her clothes for a reasonable price. When that happens, hire a tailor to recreate that outfit for you.”

In the case of one of Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen dresses that would normally cost $800, Urbanska had it created by a tailor for only $128.

Kate Middleton with Prince William and Prince Harry at Westminster Abbey on April 5, 2017.
Kate Middleton with Prince William and Prince Harry at Westminster Abbey on April 5, 2017. [Image by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]

If you’re really hankering after Kate Middleton’s wardrobe, Kate Urbanska does suggest that you consider utility and use this as a factor when it comes to deciding which clothes you most want to invest in. Do you attend fancy balls often? If so, a floor-length formal gown may be just the thing for you. But if you think you’re not going to wear this style of dress often, Urbanska suggests that there may be other items of clothing from the Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe that are more suitable to your lifestyle.

“But you have to also be realistic about which of Kate’s outfits you’ll actually be able to wear in reality. You might be dazzled by a full-length gown the princess wore, but if your lifestyle doesn’t require a couture dress, then don’t buy it.”

Are you inspired by how well Kate Urbanska copies Kate Middleton’s clothes and would you ever consider doing this too?

[Featured Image by WPA Pool/Getty Images]