Jessica Simpson Claps Back At Her Haters Who Slammed Her For Dressing Her Daughter In A Bikini

Jessica Simpson has had her fair share of criticism, and recently, fans had put down the pop star turned fashion entrepreneur for the way she dressed her daughter, 5-year-old Maxwell. The star, who runs a $1 billion a year business, also appeared on The Ellen Show, where many thought she was an incoherent mess. The star could hardly string a sentence together and made many statements that seemed totally out of context to what the pair had been discussing during the interview.

Some chalked this up to Jessica Simpson’s general quirkiness, which she first exhibited during Newlyweds when she appeared on the show with ex-husband, Nick Lachey. Others, however, are concerned that the star is suffering from substance abuse issues. It was reported that her husband, Eric Johnson, had been poised to leave the star in 2015 if she didn’t get the help she needed. According to insiders, Jessica Simpson has been abusing anxiety medication and other prescription pills and mixing them with booze.

However, not only did the star get flack for her behavior, which was scathingly described as “Anna Nicole level of incoherent” by an Australian publication, but also for the way she dresses her daughter, 5-year-old Maxwell.

The star shared a photo on Instagram, and later on The Ellen Show, of Maxwell’s fifth birthday party. In the photo, she is posing with her husband, Eric Johnson, her son, Ace, and Maxwell. She revealed during the disastrous interview on Ellen that her daughter had a mermaid themed birthday party, and that they hired women dressed as mermaids to come show Maxwell and her young guests how to swim like one. Maxwell is pictured in a white bikini top and a silicone mermaid tail, and some of Jessica Simpson’s fans weren’t too pleased about it.

“She’s 5. Put some clothes on her. good grief,” one fan wrote on Jessica’s Instagram.

Another warned the superstar that predators would be sharing photos of her daughter.

“Parents should never post pictures of their children, especially girls, in swimming attire or underwear. Perverted predators copy or screen shot the pictures and share them with each other,” she wrote.

Never mind that perverted predators probably share photos of children in general, but way to put a damper on Maxwell’s super fun, not to mention adorable, birthday party!

She was later slammed for posting a photo of Maxwell dressed in a two-piece bathing suit and a helmet riding a scooter around her property. One would assume that Jessica Simpson and her husband have a pool on site, so it’s likely Maxwell had taken a dip in the pool, or planned to, before or after her ride on the scooter. But, of course, this wasn’t acceptable to many fans who, again, took the time to criticize Jess’ parenting skills.

But many took Simpson’s post of her daughter in the bathing suit as a total clap back to her haters, letting them know that she didn’t care what they thought of her parenting skills and that she would continue to post photos of Maxwell and the rest of her family having fun in the sun.

The $1 billion fashionista told Ellen DeGeneres that in addition to expanding her line, which began with just shoes, she is also working on a new album. She said her husband has never “really” seen her perform, and she’s anxious to get back to her singing roots. The singer recently purchased Ozzy Osborne’s house (though it is unclear if she also lives there), where there is a built-in recording studio. She revealed that she is working on all of her new songs in that studio and is excited to release new music.

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