Anna Duggar Divorce Drama, Are She And Josh Next?

Anna Duggar has stuck by her husband, Josh Duggar, even after it was revealed he had sexually molested several of his younger siblings. She also stood by her man after it was discovered that he had been cheating on her via the affair website, Ashley Madison, and seemingly will stay with him through just about anything at this point. And although her family shares some of the Duggar’s Christian values (i.e. having as many kids as possible and homeschooling to keep them from the evils of the world), they don’t share the idea that all marriages are forever.

The decision for Anna Duggar to stay with Josh after his scandals have been nothing if not controversial. The TLC reality star has not only stuck by him when many people would have long fled, but she has also decided to add a fifth child to their family brood. Some speculate that she is being guilted into staying with Josh, or because she married so young without an education, she wouldn’t be able to make it on her own without Josh’s sweet TLC income. However, rumors state that Anna Duggar much prefers life away from the cameras, and with everything going on in her life, who could blame her?

Anna Duggar’s sister, Rebekah McDonald, has filed for divorce from her husband. And not only has the young mother decided to call it quits on their marriage, but she has also asked for full custody of the pair’s two children, which is actually a pretty bold move considering her family doesn’t necessarily seem to support education past high school.

There is speculation that Rebekah will now likely be shunned by her family for giving up on her relationship, which could partially be why Anna Duggar is so afraid to leave Josh. Reportedly, after Anna Duggar’s sister, Susanna Keller, had a baby out of wedlock, the entire family turned their backs on her until she sought the proper forgiveness and got engaged to a man the family approved of.

Josh Duggar, Anna’s husband since she was fresh out of high school, (or home school), has been facing many legal battles himself. He was recently sued by a man for using his image on the Ashley Madison website, claiming that the image of him ruined his professional reputation. Seemingly, Josh was too scared to actually use his real photo, lest someone recognize him. But it seems he got caught anyway.

He has gone to a Christian rehab to help heal him of his “sex addiction,” which many have raised eyebrows at and claimed is not a licensed establishment. According to rumors, he and Anna Duggar were not allowed to have sex for a long while during his therapy. However, they jumped back on the train once given the green light, hence conceiving their fifth child so long after their fourth (in Duggar terms anyway).

Josh Duggar also now has the audacity to join his younger sisters’ lawsuit and label himself as a victim. His younger sisters, whom he molested when he was younger, are suing the City of Springdale and In Touch Weekly for releasing “cosmetically redacted” information that makes it obvious that they were the victims of molestation. Josh, who was also a minor at the time, is now joining the lawsuit and stating it is unfair that his name was released by the police at the time.

But this begs the question that if Anna’s family eventually accepts Rebekah’s single lady status, would it encourage Anna Duggar to finally leave Josh once and for all? This would hopefully be the case, and Anna could finally be well rid of him.

[Featured Image by Anna Duggar/Instgram]