Dumb Ways To Die (In Video Games) PSA Parody

Dumb Ways To Die (In Video Games) is an online viral video parody of an animated Public Service Announcement called Dumb Ways To Die. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Australian train service Metro Trains Melbourne produced a PSA video warning people about safety near trains. The safety reminder has gone viral with over 31 million hits in the past month.

The producer of the original Dumb Ways To Die video had this to say about his creation:

“Firstly, we had a good idea. That bit’s critical obviously. But this idea came from an absolute truth: trains are the most predictable things on earth, and to be brutally honest if you decide to walk across train tracks between the platforms and don’t see a train coming and get hit by it… well, it’s your own dumb fault…”

This viral video was just crying out to be parodied and YouTube user Megasteakman has stepped up to the plate. Dumb Ways To Die (In Video Games) features notable video game celebrities like Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Brothers. I even spotted Battletoads, which I doubt too many people remember at this point, although the section of the game Megasteakman chose to highlight was one of the more difficult areas. Not sure if that was more “dumb” than “frustrating.”

Dumb Ways To Die (In Video Games) features a mashup of video game characters meet their untimely demise in some memorably embarrassing ways to find the “game over” screen. The animated death sequences are bridged by shots of the dead video game characters dancing together, all set to a catch background tune. Not too sure if it’s as good as the original but you can judge for yourself.

And the original Dumb Ways To Die: