Shep Rose Defends Patricia Altschul: Is She Too Old For ‘Southern Charm’?

Shep Rose has been filming Southern Charm since the very first episode, and it sounds like nothing has really changed in his life. While he did open a restaurant for a period of time, it was shut down rather quickly for some renovations. And it sounds like Rose isn’t in a rush to reopen his establishment, as he has his family’s money to live on. One could argue that Shep is indeed the young one on the list of cast members, as he isn’t really doing much with his life. As fans saw during Monday’s episode of Southern Charm, he can’t stop drinking and partying, and it is essentially ruining his chances of getting something started for himself.

On the other side of the spectrum is Whitney Sudler-Smith’s mother, Patricia Altschul. In the beginning, Patricia just made some guest appearances on the show because she was the fabulous mother who had a certain standard when it came to her life. She had a butler, always dished out lifestyle advice, and would judge the cast members for not having their priorities straight. But these days, she has become a huge part of the show because of her southern personality. However, some people don’t think she fits in, as everyone else is so young.

According to a new tweet, Shep Rose is now coming to Patricia’s defense after a Twitter follower decided to attack her for being on the show even though she’s older. She’s an interesting character for sure, but this particular viewer thought she was rude for just leaving Thomas Ravenel’s party when Kathryn Dennis showed up.

“That was pretty rude when you left the kids party #heartbroken,” the person wrote to Patricia Altschul, to which she replied, “I paid my respects to Thomas, chatted for awhile and left for another appointment. Perfectly acceptable behavior.”

“Not even close for someone who pretends to be so classy. Nothing else in your life besides your 50-year-old teenager? #Getoveryourself,” the person wrote to Patricia.

But she was ready with a reply, as she felt she had an impressive resume. It doesn’t sound like Southern Charm is everything that’s going on in her life, as being on a television show is just one of several accomplishments.

“Nothing else? How about writing a book, T.V. Show, start up caftan company, 30 interviews, 8 book parties so far, travel and entertaining,” she replied, to which Shep Rose came to her defense, tweeting, “Haha. Tell them, Patricia Altschul. Bring it on trolls. You sad little SOBs.”

It is possible that Altschul is filming Southern Charm more these days because Whitney is spending more time in Los Angeles. He used to be a huge part of the show, but he found love in Los Angeles and may be tired of the drama that’s playing out on Southern Charm. Either way, his mother understands his decision and desire to move on from the show and from Charleston, South Carolina. And based on her friendships with the younger cast members, it doesn’t sound like she needs him to defend her for filming the show.

While Shep Rose may not take her advice on Southern Charm, it sounds like he respects her enough to defend her on social media when people attack her for filming the show. Either way, she is loved and adored by her co-stars even though they are much younger than her.

What do you think of Shep Rose coming to Whitney’s mother’s defense on Twitter? Do you think she’s an interesting addition to Southern Charm, or do you think she’s too old to film the show, given everyone else is in their early 30s and planning their lives?

[Featured Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]