Ramona Singer ‘Couldn’t Care Less’ About Jill Zarin’s Return To The ‘Real Housewives Of New York’

Jill Zarin is making her return to the Real Housewives of New York and Ramona Singer isn’t happy about it. Ahead of Zarin’s appearance in Season 9, the reality star opened up about her longstanding feud with Singer and is determined to up her game this year. Will Singer put Zarin in her place?

According to Buddy TV, Zarin slammed Singer for being “all fake and phony” and vowed to hit back hard this season. Zarin also claimed that Singer wasn’t happy with her return to RHONY because she thought she “stole thunder” from the other ladies. There’s no telling how Singer will respond on this week’s episode, but it’s clear their feud is hotter than ever.

“So now, gloves are off. I’m done being nice, and no, she will not be at my party this summer. She’s not being invited,” Zarin shared.

Zarin also fired a few shots at Singer on social media. While the two ladies have butted heads in the past, Singer hasn’t said much about the comments. Instead, the RHONY star is content with dealing with her other drama and leaving Zarin to her own devices.

“I don’t even want to talk about her,” Singer admitted. “I could care less. I don’t really engage with people who are negative. It’s bad karma, bad energy. That’s the reason why I look so good. I have good energy.”


Singer was actually good friends with Zarin during the opening season of RHONY. Their friendship continued strong for the first few seasons before it got too competitive. Zarin left the show in Season 4 – though rumors swirled that she was fired over her beef with fan favorite Bethenny Frankel – and is making her big comeback on Wednesday night.

Blasting News reports that Zarin will make her return during a lunch with Dorinda Medley, Luann D’Agostino, and Tom D’Agostino. In a preview clip for the coming episode of the Real Housewives of New York, Zarin is featured commenting about her feud with Ramona Singer and how she investigated Tom before his wedding with Luann.

“That is so obnoxious,” Zarin told her co-stars at lunch.

Tom found himself at the center of the drama last season when rumors surfaced that he cheated on Luann before their engagement. Tom was caught making out with a female friend a few evenings before their engagement party, though Luann eventually forgave him and followed through with the wedding.

While Zarin and Singer exchange blows, Radar Online reports that Singer’s sister, Sonya Mazur, is having major financial issues and Ramona is reportedly refusing to help. Mazur recently started a GoFundMe page to raise money for dental surgery. She is currently looking for donations to reach $6,500, though she hasn’t been able to raise anything yet.

“I cannot eat properly for I had two bottom back right teeth removed,” Mazur wrote. “My Medicaid insurance will not cover two implants that I need to chew properly. It would be nice to be able to chew my food again. At this point my teeth are shifting and I’m in pain.”

'RHONY' Ramona Singer Talks Plastic Surgery And Supporting Donald Trump [Featured Image by Bravo]
Ramona Singer has been one of the most controversial Housewives on Bravo since her debut on 'RHONY.' [Image by Bravo]

Mazur added, “Any amount would be greatly appreciated to reach my goal and to be able to pay my dentist. Thank you so much for your donations.”

Singer has not commented on her sister’s money problems. She certainly makes enough money from RHONY to help her sister out, though their complicated history is likely getting in the way.

Mazur wrote a memoir a few years ago about her childhood and alcoholic dad, titled Cocaine & Champagne. The book includes detailed accounts of the sibling’s abusive father. Growing up in that environment was so rough that Mazur began doing and selling drugs to cope. Singer, on the other hand, married and later divorced Mario, a successful business entrepreneur, as well as having a successful business of her own.

New episodes of the Real Housewives of New York air Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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