Aaron Rodgers Is Reportedly Still At Odds With His Family Despite Olivia Munn Split

When Aaron Rodgers’ breakup from Olivia Munn was first reported earlier this year, many believed the Green Bay Packers quarterback would soon be back in the good graces of his family. However, according to a new report, Rodgers’ relationships with his parents and siblings remain strained.

While Aaron Rodgers has remained silent in recent months regarding the tension between himself and his family, an insider claims a reconciliation still hasn’t happened.

Last year, Aaron Rodgers’ rift with his family was blamed in part on his relationship with Olivia Munn. As a source said at the time, his family didn’t trust the actress and because of their concerns about her intentions, Rogers reportedly “pulled away” from them as he focused on his career and his romance. Now, however, despite the couple’s split months ago, another source has confirmed that Aaron Rodgers has yet to communicate with his family.

“[Aaron Rodgers] still hasn’t been in contact with his family,” an insider told Us Weekly magazine on June 6. “His mom, Darla, has reached out to him multiple times in the last few months but hasn’t heard back from him.”

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn began dating in 2014 and, in 2016, they began to face relationship turmoil as Munn was blamed for his family feud. As fans of The Bachelorette may recall, Aaron Rodgers’ brother, Jordan, appeared on the show last year and when the series followed him and Jojo Fletcher to his hometown, their family feud was a hot topic of discussion.

During the episode, Rodgers’ family suggested that the quarterback had been changed by fame.

Also during the show, Jordan Rodgers said, “I miss my brother a lot.”

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A short time after the Bachelorette episode aired, a source told Us Weekly magazine that Olivia Munn didn’t get along with Aaron Rodgers’ family and said the clan thought she was “controlling.”

Earlier this year, just months before Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn’s split, the quarterback’s father, Ed Rodgers, spoke to the New York Times and revealed that the relationship between himself and his son was “complicated.” He also said that he and his family were hoping for the best moving forward.

In April, a source offered an update on Aaron Rodgers following the news of their breakup.

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Olivia Munn is “doing well” post-split, a source revealed to E! News, adding that the actress is currently filming The Predator in Vancouver. “[She] is not communicating with Aaron as much as he would like… She feels like distance is best at this time.”

“Olivia knew that the relationship was on the rocks the past few months,” the source continued. “It didn’t feel good anymore, and they should have split up a few months ago. They were holding on to this idea of their relationship, even though they knew a breakup was bound to happen.”

According to the report, Olivia Munn isn’t going to settle for a relationship until she is sure that the man she is dating is the man she is going to end up with. As the insider explained, the actress’ eyes are open, and she is very open to moving on from Aaron Rodgers with someone new.

Meanwhile, a source told E! News that Aaron Rodgers has struggled with the breakup but is now ready to get back into the dating pool.

“The line of women [Aaron Rodgers] can choose from is endless,” the source noted, “but he is a pretty picky dude, especially at the level he’s at now.”

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