Michelle Obama’s Apple Speech: Reporters Were Blocked, Pulled Out Of Line, And No Live Stream Video By Apple

One of the only readily available photos of former First Lady Michelle Obama at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference can be seen via Getty Images, as Apple CEO’s, Tim Cook, announced that Mrs. Obama would conduct a keynote address in San Jose, California. Update: Videos and photos of Michelle’s speech can be seen below.

Other than that, not a lot is known about Michelle’s speech, reports Business Insider. That’s because the publication claims that Mrs. Obama’s speech was closely guarded to the point that reporters were pulled out of the line. According to Business Insider, one of their reporters was actually pulled out of the line instead of being allowed to attend Michelle’s speech. The publication also claims that a Reuters journalist was blocked from the building where Michelle was speaking.

“Apple closed Obama’s speech to members of the press, many of which are on location in San Jose to cover the company’s big annual conference. A Business Insider reporter who had queued up to attend the speech was pulled out of line by company representatives. A Reuters reporter told Business Insider he wasn’t even allowed into the building where Obama was speaking.”

However, as reported by Mashable, folks at Apple used their own phones to live stream Michelle’s speech, as seen in videos like the one that appears below.

It’s unknown why journalists were allegedly blocked from Mrs. Obama’s speech at the Apple’s developer’s conference on Tuesday. However, it was a speech in San Jose that was cataloged via Twitter hashtags such as #wwdc2017, #wwdc17 and the popular search term “Michelle Obama WWDC.”

As noted by the Mashable article, although Apple did not live stream the speech, Mrs. Obama spoke about leaving the White House and no longer being in the white-hot spotlight of a First Lady of the U.S.

“We’ve are decompressing from what has been a decade journey that has been unbelievable. So we’re breathing a bit.”

Mrs. Obama also explained to the Apple crowd that dealing with fear in life means not allowing fear to consume you.

Joining Michelle onstage was Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, as seen in the following photo.

Michelle’s talk covered her post-White House life, as well as the importance of women gaining a seat at the table within all industries.

“Women are in charge of everything, we do everything, we are in charge of everything in the household. If women aren’t at the table then what you’re saying is you don’t really care about the dollar. That’s where I look to the fellas at the room and say ‘Are you ready? Are you ready to share that seat at the table? Make room.'”

Michelle Obama’s comments concerning President Trump

Certain comments made by Michelle are being viewed as a direct reflection on the current Trump administration as Mrs. Trump spoke about climate change being real and how important folks from all around the world can be to other countries not of their origin.

“We are at a time in this country where we need problem solvers out there… who believe in the power of immigrants, believe that global warming is real. We need people out there who are operating with a level of empathy.”

However, not all of Michelle’s comments reflected views of President Trump. When a photo of Mrs. Obama during her White House days was flashed on the screen, Michelle used the opportunity to reflect on racial issues.

“Just 50 years ago there was segregation and deep racism and 50 years later the first black president is standing there. I want young people in America to know not to forget that history.”

Michelle also let the Apple crowd know that former President Barack Obama is doing fine.

[Featured Image by Steven Senne/AP Images]