Prince Charles Can’t Wait To Be A Grandfather

After hearing of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, Prince Charles said that he can’t wait to become a grandfather.

Duchess Kate and Prince William announced on December 3 that they are expecting, and it appears that no one is as excited about the news than William’s father, Prince Simba … err … Charles (who also just can’t wait to be King).

“It’s a very nice thought to become a grandfather in my old age, if I can say so,” the 64-year-old heir told reporters on Thursday. “I’m thrilled. Marvelous.”

The couple’s son or daughter will be the first grandchild for Prince Charles, father of William and Harry by the late Princess Diana.

Middleton was hospitalized earlier this week with acute morning sickness, leaving the Royal Court no choice but to confirm her pregnancy to the world. She was released on Thursday and told reporters that she’s feeling “much better.”

“Trying for a baby has been their priority,” a royal confidant revealed prior to the official announcement. “They’re both excited to be focusing on a new chapter in their lives.”

The excitement surrounding Kate Middleton’s pregnancy is shared among members of the Royal Court including Prince Charles as well as the media and public at large. Reports regarding Kate Middleton’s pregnancy have been trending strong online since the December 3 announcement.

Prince Charles also recently confessed that he’s a bit “impatient” to become King of England. During his recent birthday celebration, he jested: “Impatient? Me? What a thing to suggest! Yes, of course I am,” continuing, “I’ll run out of time soon. I shall have snuffed it if I’m not careful.”