'America's Got Talent' Counting Dog Astounds Judges In Season 12 Audition

America's Got Talent may mostly center on people with extraordinary gifts, but this audition is all dog.

America's Got Talent returns Tuesday night with another two hours of auditions. A few auditions have already been uploaded online, including one that is already drawing some attention, and that is Mia the Counting Cockapoo. Edna Moore, the dog's owner, walks out on stage to introduce Mia, who is wearing a stylish hat and a blue dress. As Edna introduces Mia to the world, the judges are already excited for what is to come.

"Well, Mia, she loves fashion as you can see. Her wardrobe — forget it — she has more clothes than Tyra [Banks]," Edna quips, referring to the new America's Got Talent host. "Mia, she can count any number between one and 50. She also reads number flash cards. … If you would like to choose a number for her to count to, I'll tell her to count it."

Judge Howie Mandel suggests the number four, and after Edna focuses Mia's concentration, the dog looks directly into her owner's eyes and barks four times. The judges are impressed, though not entirely overwhelmed. Fellow judge Simon Cowell throws out a more challenging number, 16. The audience is unsure at first, but after Edna instructs Mia to count to 16, the dog dutifully barks 16 times and then stops.

The judges are clearly entertained after this, and Edna introduces Mia's biggest challenge yet with flash cards. Edna tells Banks to come out on stage with flashcards and pick one at random. Banks selects a card with the number 20 on it, and judge Heidi Klum is immediately skeptical, saying, "There's no way!"

Edna holds up the flash card to Mia, asking her dog, "What number is this?" After some slight hesitation, Mia methodically barks 19 times and with a dramatic pause for effect, gives one last bark as the audience erupts in applause. Check out the sneak peek of Mia's big America's Got Talent audition below.

It remains to be seen what judges Mandel, Cowell, Klum and Mel B will say about Mia the Counting Cockapoo. Presuming Mia makes it to the next round of competition, she could have the benefit of being a unique act in a show that features many singers and dancers. There's also a proven track record of dog acts doing well on America's Got Talent, with the famous Olate Dogs winning Season 7 in 2012. The Olate Dogs act have become one of the most successful winners in the show's history, as they are often touring the U.S. and Canada.

However, Mia may actually find some competition in Jokgu, the keyboard-playing chicken. The chicken was featured in the America's Got Talent premiere last week and genuinely impressed the crowd and the judges by playing "America the Beautiful" on a keyboard with her beak. Much like with Mia, the audience was a bit skeptical at first that Jokgu could pull it off, but she had the audience on their feet by the end of the audition. Jokgu and her owners moved on to the next round of competition, which is the judges' cuts.

Jokgu of the Flocksters [Image by Vivian Zink/NBC]

Only one act has received the coveted Golden Buzzer so far this season on America's Got Talent; 12-year-old Darci Lynne Farmer. She performed at the end of the America's Got Talent premiere and had the crowd going wild as she sang the classic "Summertime" by George Gershwin while performing ventriloquy with a puppet. Darci Lynne is the most viewed act so far this season, racking up over 15 million views on YouTube in just one week. Mel B pressed the Golden Buzzer for her, which means she automatically advances to the quarterfinals.

America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

[Featured Image by Trae Patton/NBC]