Melania Trump’s Twitter Pictures Reveal She’s A Photographer Extraordinaire With These Rare Images [Photos]

First Lady Melania Trump is accustomed to being on the side of camera lenses that display their subjects, ever since she was an international fashion model. The public is even more fascinated in Melania these days, and in the latest $2,595 silk gown Mrs. Trump has chosen to wear, as reported by the Inquisitr, than they were when she traveled the world as Melania Knauss. As seen in the above photo, Melania donned a red dress at the “Red Hot Pink Party” in 2005, to benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in New York City.

A photo below from the Associated Press shows Melania in 2000, with the description calling Melania “the former girlfriend of developer Donald Trump,” as she held a microphone to interview designer Max Azria for Extra. The video of that interview with Melania and Max could not readily be found online from backstage at the BCBG fashion show in New York’s Bryant Park. So whereas photo galleries like the following show Melania in her duties as the wife of the President of the U.S., as does her @FLOTUS Twitter account, the photos beneath those from 2015 and earlier, which were posted on Melania’s official @MelaniaTrump Twitter account, give insight into Melania’s photographic eye.

As seen in the photo from January 2015, Melania did not lose her sexy sense of self as she posted a selfie describing her “perfect beach day,” which displayed her white bikini bottoms.

The “icy view” Melania posted to her Twitter account is shown below, from 2015. Photos like those from Melania have been called truly artistic, as reported by Medium. The images give insight into a world often seen via Melania’s point of view from above the world or inside luxurious places — be it a vista from the window of an airplane, from behind the pane of a limousine’s glass, or from the penthouse of Trump Tower.

The photos have earned Melania the moniker of a trapped princess or “Fairytale Prisoner by Choice,” as the publication dubbed Melania when examining her photos.

Melania’s photos and the descriptions that come with the images also provide a peek into Melania’s world, and the activities she enjoys. The below photo describes tea time on Melania’s patio, with the sunshine and palm tree emojis and palm trees in the photo indicating a Florida locale.

Some of Melania’s photos display her faith, such as the below photo of a stained-glass church window in Palm Beach during Easter.

Lots of photos display Melania’s love of fashion and selfies, such as the following photo posted in April 2015, with Melania displaying her spring style during a night out in New York City. Melania donned a swing coat that appears to be trimmed in either real fur or faux fur.

Other photos show Melania’s apparent love of the finer things in life, including a well decorated and highly appointed room with elegant furnishings. The peaceful Saturday afternoon at home displayed in the next photo harkens the musings of a possible homebody who enjoys time in a luxurious bedroom.

Melania also saw fit to post selfies of her various hairstyles, such as the ponytail style seen next.

Photos of Central Park also appear, with what appears to be an Instagram filter applied, even though it’s not clear if Melania has any other Instagram account other than the FLOTUS Instagram page.

There are also photos of flowers from a close-up vantage point as if Melania is a photographic counterpart to Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings.

Other photos are stark, serious and unyielding, such as Melania’s look in the next photo, with Melania holding her iPhone up to the mirror to declare that she was departing for her summer residence.

However, it’s photos like those below, which feature a boy who appears to be Barron in a throwback photo among a sandcastle, and Donald Trump looking at fireworks, which show off Melania’s real photographic style.

Melania tagged the @RealDonaldTrump Twitter account in the next photo.

Therefore, Melania’s Twitter account reveals skills beyond modeling — ones that Mrs. Trump might one day parlay into a new career.

Melania Knauss in 2000. [Image by Richard Drew/AP Images]

[Featured Image by Star Max/AP Images]